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CNA Challenge/Prep/Review Training Class for MT Nurse Aide Certification


For the Headmaster NA Certification Exam Challenge:

There is only one chance to pass in MT, and

3 attempts are allowed in ND.

It is NOT an easy test:

MT Skill steps that CANNOT be missed are NOT made known &

The 75 written portion demands a higher level of understanding than

most CNA Certification Exams.


Assisting you

As a former long-time CNA

program coordinator,  clinical instructor  and  exam proctor

Successfully challenging the MT CNA certification exam,

Passing it the 1st time,

is possible with this CNA prep/review course,

the same as used in


 (For other State Registries info: Contact)




UPON CHECKOUT, You will be directed to

?? FINALIZE ADMISSION by submitting your 


1b. After Admission PRETEST Completion,

finish CNA theory and skills prep class

within 1 or 2 months as a

'CHALLENGE' Candidate,

Or, use it as CNA "Review" or "Refresher" prep to

Increase your chance of passing in 1 attempt.


2. You will need to schedule a MT CNA Challenge Exam: HERE

Challenge/Regional Test Sites' 

MT State Test Schedule


3. The goal is not only passing the class, but more importantly,

scoring well on the MT exam.

Student/Entity duty in this class is to assure,

along with the instructor,

your basic CNA knowledge and skills competency.

Be sure to make use of

all practice tests and question sets provided.

AND=> make sure to practice the skills with the videos,

checklist activities and State CNA Handbook

(in a setting like testing-lab/resident-unit with an actor, if possible)

until all skill steps become automatic:

perfectly and efficiently performed.


Student/sponsor agree(s) to H&H policies.

Pretest is required w/payment & completes admission.

Class login will then be established after free admission pre-test

for the remainder of the online work.

FREE Headmaster 75-? Practice Exam incl. with Class

  Free Practice

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