VSA Heart & Hands Training

CNA Challenge/Prep/Review Class for Nurse Aide Certification

In MT (in addition to a handful of other states),

you have the option to challenge (Scroll for more.) the CNA Certification Exam.

As a former long-time CNA program coordinator and trainer,

I can help make that possible with this CNA prep/review course,

the same as used in for that MT-NATP.


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VSA Heart and Hands Training CNA Main Page

Using the PAYMENT LINK on that page:



?? FINALIZE ADMISSION by submitting the PRETEST.

(Start with this PRETEST Page if facility payment was already made.)

As above, after Admission PRETEST Completion,

finish class within 1 or 2 months as MT-NATPCE

(full MT-approved, ie minimum of 25-32 hrs clinical time

included with online work requirements) OR

'CHALLENGE' Candidate.

3mos Challenge/Regional Test Sites' Test Schedule

2. MT CNA Exam/Challenge Info: HERE

3. This test shows the level of difficulty and types

of questions that can be expected on the State Exam.

4. The goal is not only passing the class but scoring well on the MT exam.

Student/Entity duty in this class is to assure

the H&H RN-Program Coordinator & Clinical Instructor

that the MT Headmaster/State CNA Certification Exam

will be comfortably passed by the date of class completion.

5. Be sure to make use of all practice tests and question sets provided.

AND=> make sure practice your skills with the videos and

State CNA Handbook

(in a setting like testing-lab/resident-unit with an actor, if possible)

until all skill steps become automatic: smooth and efficiently performed.

Student/sponsor agree to H&H policies.

Free Required Pretest w/payment completes admission.

Class login will then be established after free admission pre-test

for the remainder of the online work.

Email withdrawal/Tuition refundable >2 days prior to class login only.

State's RegsMT or ND.

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