Jim Englert


The FILES available here (above, left) are an attempt to share some of the fruits of my study and research over the past few decades.


There are research BIBLIOGRAPHIES for eight persons who have exerted profound influence on my life. Their compilation has been an act of gratitude. There is also an annotated bibliography of books on the Iraq War, whose compilation was an act of repentance. All remain works in progress, and I would gladly receive corrections, additions, and comments at methodicanarchist@live.com.


The file of BOOK NOTES covers a wide range of reading works that I judged to be of sufficient significance that I outlined them at varying length for my own further study.  I share them here for whatever value they might hold for anyone else's review.


The COURSE NOTES are for three classes I was privileged to take from Professor Robert M. Doran, S.J., at the Lonergan Research Institute in Toronto. Fr. Doran is among the most significant interpreters and developers of the thought of the Canadian Jesuit philosopher and theologian, Bernard Lonergan.  These are the notes that I took of his lectures.  Two of the essays in the next file also emerged from these courses.


My ESSAYS available here are all theological in nature, but cover a rather wide range of concern. Three have been published elsewhere; the others have not.


There are two items currently in the LETTERS file. The lengthy letter to Archbishop John Nienstedt was occasioned by the manner of his participation in the election campaign in Minnesota in 2012 relative to a proposed constitutional amendment regarding marriage. The other letter dates from 1996 and attempts a statement of the rationale for using substantial bread for the celebration of Catholic Eucharist at the University of South Dakota Newman Center in the 1990s.


OCCASIONAL BREVITIES include Pastoralia, more personal reflections, occasioned by particular persons, places, or events, dating from the 1970s through the 1990s, and Disqussions, selected on-line conversations commenting on articles from a fairly wide diversity of sources in more recent years.


The remaining two files are here primarily for my own reference and use.


The PARTIAL BOOK NOTES are precisely that. Some I hope to return to for completion. In the meantime, should they have any interest or value to anyone else, I would be pleased to have them consulted.


PENSEES simply contain some of my journal entries for the past quarter century, to which I return for current reflection and writing. I suspect that, in their present form, they would make little sense to anyone else (often making little sense to their author!), but should anyone find them of interest, I would be delighted.


Thanks for visiting the site. I would love to receive comments, either left here or by email, again at methodicanarchist@live.com