The first 1970's Cal Poly Nav reunion
Was held on January 9, 2016 along with Chuck Madden's THE MIND OF A DISCIPLE seminar.
Video for Chuck Madden's messages at the THE MIND OF A DISCIPLE seminar.
Photos of the January 9, 2016 reunion.
The next (and maybe last) 1970's Cal Poly Navigator Reunion
Saturday, January 14th, 2017 starting at 2:30 pm
Galt, California
Here's the 'schedule' for the Saturday, January 9th reunion
(1) For those who want to, Chuck Madden is giving the 4 talks of THE MIND OF A DISCIPLE seminar at Horizon Community Church (7 minutes away from the Carr's house) from 8:15 am to 1:45 pm.  For more info see this flyer.  As of January 3rd 160 are signed up.  446 Fairway Drive, Galt, 95632
(2) The reunion is from 2:30pm - 9pm  at Richard and Kathy Carr's house.  It will include some group time where those who want to can share what God has been doing in their lives.  It will be great to hear what has happened the last 40 years and your plans for the future.  Pizza will be provided,  donations are welcome :)   9908 Bauer Ave, Galt, CA  95632
Here's the 20 who are coming so far (some others are also considering).  Here's a list of emails you can invite your friends :)  Yellow are recent additions.

Bob & Carol Ryland

Chuck & Robbie Madden

Dennis & Patti Baker

Doug & Jeanette Drees

Ed & Mindy Virgin

Gary Daniel

Kathy (Petrucci) Black (and maybe Chuck)

Marti (McRobbie) Kresse

Neal & Wendy Chaderjain

Rich & Kathy (Williams) Carr

Sarah (Sally Yates) Carmichael

Steve & Kris Sampayan

Send in your contact info and come back early December for a complete list of contacts
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Reconnect with old friends by checking the Email address list for emails of your old friends.
After so many years we're finally having a 1970's Cal Poly Navigator reunion on Saturday, January 9th in Galt, California!  Hope you can make it!!!  It starts right after the morning's "The Mind of a Disciple" seminar (where Chuck Madden will be giving all 4 talks).  Chuck and Robbie Madden will be at the reunion and it'll start at 2 pm and go until around 9.
 It's in Galt, California.  Go to for more details.

Chuck has been helping Watermark (a mega church in Dallas) develop disciples 
and disciple makers
.  They now have 500+ people a semester going through the Nav 2:7 series.  All of the 90+ leaders were developed through this 100% lay led ministry.  And Chuck is helping this disciple-making ministry start in 2 other Dallas mega churches.  We've (Rich & Kathy Carr) started implementing what we learned from Chuck last November and started two pilot groups at our church.  And 
after 9 months,
with those graduates
now have 50+ people in seven 2:7 groups.  It really does develop disciple makers!

Chuck's messages in the morning will be based on what he has learned over the last 50+ years in developing disciples who actually make disciples in a church context.  
Click here for more info on the seminar.