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Visiting Carol Copeland's Shares (account name: foxmoorlakes)

Welcome to Foxmoor Lakes Calendar


Hello Fellow owners.  My name is Carol Copeland and I have accepted the responsibilities of the Calendar additions/postings.  Please contact me with any pertinent  information that needs to be added to our Calendar.  Call and or text me @ 419-566-0168 or carolann478@gmail.com.

God Bless You.






 This picture of one of the Royal Poinciana trees along Foxlake Drive is for all the snow-birds who never get the pleasure of watching the trees bloom early each summer.  ENJOY!


























For all events, BYOB means Bring Your Own Beverage, no matter what it may be.  In addition to your beverage, bring containers for left-overs for yourself or neighbors





To see the calendar, just click on 'Calendars' in the left pane.  You can see all text in Week view.  When viewing the calendar in month view there are occasionally too many fun activities to see all the text.  To see all hidden text in Month View, click on 'Print' and you get a print options box. Click on 'Flexible Row Height' and on 'Display Hidden Text' and click on 'Print'. You will see all information and can print if desired.


To see details of upcoming events click on 'Photos' in the left pane.  Click on 'Event Flyers'.  Click on any Event flyer to enlarge. To see all photos click on 'Photo Library'.  Click on any photo to enlarge.


Want to see fun pictures of past events?  Click on 'Photos' in the left pane, then click on 'Past Events'.


If you would like to submit photos of an association event you may email them to



To see a map of available Activities Parking, click on 'Files' in the left pane, then double-click on the Activities Parking icon.  This will download and you can open the Parking map.


To see a list of who to contact for Activities and Tickets, click on 'Files' in the left pane, then double-click on the 'Activities Contacts' icon.  This will download the list of contacts and ticket-sellers


For questions or concerns about any events contact one of the following:


HOA                             Donna Yaghy          239-543-7437

Arbor Lakes                  Ruth Connell           239-567-2610

Palm Lakes                   Rosemary Prebish   847-471-2140

Single Family Homes     Suzanne Dudak       239-731-6583

Sawmill                        Sandra Zackrison    239-543-9433

Floater                         Rose Marie Healy     708-401-8725









Thanks for visiting our calendar!