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Why I teach... because they teach me.
I teach mostly second language learners how to read and write in English every day. They range from 1st through the 5th grade.  My students do not know much about what is outside of Galt; some of them have traveled to Mexico and back or to Disneyland, but they don't know anything about the rest of the world, why most of the wars were fought, or how to write an essay, let alone a coherent paragraph at first.  They're more concerned about having to move, or the parent they don't see much because of divorce or their uncle in jail, or getting grounded.  They're good kids and they're trying hard to remember the root meanings of words like micro, vid, syn, and anti. They're trying to distinguish a short vowel from a long one and master the 46 sounds of the English language. I have introduced them to the world of Narnia, and they take turns taking home my illustrated copy of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe."  Today, we were reading a story about Anne Frank and E. said at the end, Mrs. Carr, would you say yes, and tell them you were a Christian if they came after you??!  And I said, yes, I would hope to have the same courage to face them like Anne did.  And that was my students' lesson to me for the day!

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Richard Carr (richard)
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