Put Anything in Your Calendar
Many free online calendar tools limit you to short-sentence events, maybe with some color-coding, or a couple links. Keep&Share lets you add multiple links, attach pages of notes, add icons, add event tags, share multiple links, and more.

Add Links, Reminders, and Notes
You get up to 5 reminders per event (before or after it), 3 links, and the chance to attach pages of notes to your events. You can even add hidden text that only you can see.

Life-Time Free!
Keep&Share is 100% free: no subscription of any kind is required. And by the way, we do not add advertising in your calendar nor do we alter them in any way.

Shared Calendar for Groups
Online calendar sharing has never been so easy. Multi-layered sharing & privacy options keep you in control of “Who sees what” at all times. Online share with the public, or only with specific logged-in users.

Print or email your calendars
Your Keep&Share calendar prints beautifully with many more printing options than most online calendars offer, including multiple views (Day, Week, Month, Year). Easily email a beautiful PDF to others, or hang a printout on the office wall.

Actually, You Get More Than Just Calendars...
You can create & store files, to do lists, photos & more in your account. Then, link any of these from notes in your calendar for easy reference, or make the files publicly available for others to access!

I love this site because it allows me to schedule people for a variety of events. It makes it easier, cost effective and is enviro friendly, to go paperless.

From the employees perspective no matter where they are they have their schedule available at their fingertips! Which helps me because no one will have the excuse “I forgot my schedule at home” and such. Thank you for making my job easier!

Melanie Carroll, Director of Marketing, 1-800-Busy Dog
Melanie Carroll
Community events calendar

Community events calendar

Schedule for a cleaning company

Schedule for a cleaning company

Keeping track of office hours

Keeping track of office hours