Access & edit your calendar from any device, anywhere, 24/7. Keep&Share is a 100% web-based cloud system.

Customize your events with icons, links, pictures, and pages of notes.

Multi-layered sharing & privacy options keep you in control of “Who sees what” (and who can make changes) at all times. History logs record changes, & backups keep your calendar data extra-safe.

You can share anything in your account with anyone, whether they’re part of your team or not. This makes it easy to coordinate with clients, contractors, and anyone else you need for your business.

Create events that last multiple days and can repeat every day, week, month, or year - or even on advanced schedules like the first Friday of the month.

Attach maps, documents, photos, discussions, addresses, and lists directly to events in your calendar so they're always easy to find.

Flexible Calendar Views

We offer 6 different calendar views so that you have maximum flexibility on how to display your events. You can:

calendar month view

Never miss another deadline — set up automatic email and text reminders for any event or task or your calendar. Instantly notify your entire staff of any changes.

Seeing data from your Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar in Keep&Share only takes a few clicks, and you can send your K&S calendar to them, too.

Use custom colors and event tags to group events by team member, location, job, and more. You can even use event tags to filter your calendar for only the events that you want to see.

Use overlays to combine multiple calendars into one master calendar or use Side-by-Side view to easily compare different schedules.

You can embed your calendar into any webpage so that visitors don't have to leave your site to see your calendar.

5 integrated apps
We offer 5 included apps (Files, Addresses, Discussions, Photos, & To Do Lists) that are seamlessly integrated with your calendar to keep your team organized from one central account.

Create an account and download the free Keep&Share app

Accept Volunteer Signups

Without any extra work by you

Using Self-Book your volunteers can see available shifts on your calendar, click & fill out a custom form to book that time slot. You can accept bookings automatically or they can be held for your approval. You can also send out email & text reminders for bookings.

Multiple calendars

for multiple schedules and places

Having multiple calendars in your accounts allows you the flexibility of having a calendar for different locations and schedules that can be overlaid onto one master calendar. Plus, you can embed your calendar directly on your calendar to make signups easier than ever.

Free Email & Phone Support

Plus a 30-minute Setup Consultation

Unlike some of the mega-companies out there, we offer real customer support from real people, by email or by phone. Team plans & customers using the Self-Book calendar package even get free screen-sharing setup consultations!

30% Nonprofit discount

for life on all subscriptions & upgrades

All nonprofits (including orgs with religious affiliations) qualify for our 30% Lifetime Nonprofit Discount on all purchases. Solo accounts are just $6.30/month with your discount, and Team plans give you bulk discounts for multiple users.

person with American flag

Use the Photos app to...

  • Host photos you use on your website
  • Upload photos to display in your calendar
  • Create photo blogs or slideshows to embed on your website
  • Collect photos from events in one spot — people can email their photos to your account!
senior pilates class

Use the Files app to...

  • Record & share minutes from meetings
  • Upload flyers & other docs for your volunteers to access & print from home
  • Host files for download & share links
  • Store important information so it’s accessible anywhere, even from your smartphone
senior soup kitchen volunteer

Use the Address & To Do app to...

  • Create a contact management system
  • Maintain an easy-to-use staff directory that people can access from home or on-the-go
  • Create setup & breakdown to do lists for events
  • Keep track of completed tasks on collaborative projects

Ideal For:

•  Churches, synagogues, et al
•  Public or private schools
•  Libraries
•  Government departments
•  Parks & civic halls
•  City tourism offices
•  Scout troops
•  Summer camps
•  Mentorship programs
•  Counseling & resource centers

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