Simple Embeddable HTML Web Calendar

You design the perfect calendar in minutes. We give you an HTML script for an embeddable calendar widget.
You paste it into any web page, & you’re done! (see real samples here)

Simple Embeddable HTML Web Calendar

You design the perfect calendar in minutes. We give you an HTML script for an embeddable calendar widget. You paste it into any web page, & you’re done! (see real samples here)

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Extensive features and easy setup

There’s no web calendar more powerful than Keep&Share. No need for hacky work-arounds anymore — with a K&S HTML iFrame calendar, you can attach pages of text to events, create complex recurring events, add icons, links, photos & more. And since it’s just html, it can be embedded practically anywhere.

Easy-to-update for non-technical users

Once the calendar iFrame is embedded, you or your clients just click-n-type inside the Keep&Share account to update events, notes, etc. Changes are instantly reflected in all embedded calendars, without having to re-embed the code.

Edit code yourself or go WYSIWYG

The WYSIWYG editor lets you quickly choose the dimensions, colors, day/month/week view & more in the config screen so the calendar matches your website perfectly. (Or, let your client do it & just email you the embed code!) But you can also do it yourself for even more control.

Shockingly customizable

If you can dream it, you can do it with your Keep&Share calendar. Add images to your calendar, attach detailed notes, links, icons and more. Display multiple schedules side-by-side, or overlay multiple calendars together. You can even include an RSS link so visitors can subscribe & stay up-to-date.

Paste into any webpage on any website

Our calendar and other application embedding uses 100% standard HTML “iFrames” — meaning any webpage that uses HTML supports Keep&Share calendars. Whether it’s your Wordpress page or GoDaddy website, your development tools and code will work with Keep&Share.

No server-side code needed

Your Keep&Share embedded calendars run off our server. That means, beyond pasting our HTML embed code, there is absolutely no PHP or other server-side coding that you have to do.

Highly interactive

Visitors to your Keep&Share HTML calendar widget can scroll forwards and backwards in time, switch between view modes, toggle color-coded categories on & off, click on working hyperlinks & popup event descriptions, print to PDF, search & filter... even subscribe via RSS!

See what people are saying about us:

See how it works with this short video:

Hollywood Ballroom Dance logo
Bea Riley, website editor

The Keep&Share calendar exceeds everything I had hoped to find in a calendar product. It works seamlessly with our Word Press website. It offers endless possibilities with design. It has the ease and formatting options of word processing. The customer support given by Keep&Share is superb. Absolutely stellar.”

I do not know HTML or CSS or any sort of programming, and yet I was able to fully customize a calendar that, as a graphic designer, I am proud to incorporate into our website.”

“Our HTML event calendar is the heart and soul of our ballroom dancing website. The way it looks and the way it operates are vital to our business. After years of frustration dealing with other calendars, I am so pleased to be using the Keep & Share calendar.”

Bea Riley, Website Editor, Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center

Click to view these sample calendars:

College events calendar

College events calendar with multiple departments
View this calendar live

Comunity events calendar

Band performance & rehearsal schedules
View this calendar live

Restaurant schedule calendar

Restaurant managing shift schedules, menu updates, specials & promotions in a combination of calendars
View this calendar live

Meg Meltz

“GoDaddy did not offer an event calendar function, but, as I was talking to one of their nice help desk people, she suggested I use your calendar and embed the html in their web builder tool. Thank you kindly help desk lady! Great recommendation!

“Based on GoDaddy’s recommendation I signed up for a Keep&Share 15-day free trial and created an embedded calendar and here it is I really like how easy to use the calendar is, how you can include a note with all sorts of info about each event, how you can attach websites for each event, how flexible it is. I just flat LIKE it.”

“When I emailed Keep and Share for assistance concerning making the HTML calendar widget more visible on smart phones, I got a very fast, complete and cordial response from their support desk — and, they have great smart phone support for my events calendar.”

Meg Metz, Web Master, Santa Fe Odd Fellows Lodge

Use Keep&Share in Your Website

Embed Keep&Share calendars, files, documents, photos, folders & more in your website. Keep&Share is your backend “content management system” and non-technical staff can update Keep&Share elements and the changes are instantly reflected in your website. No programming required! Learn more about embedding here.

30% Nonprofit Discount

Keep&Share gives a life-time 30% discount to nonprofits (including religious, academic & gov’t orgs) — so you can spend more money on your mission, not your software.

Team plans give you secure collaboration options

If multiple people need to edit the HTML calendar, a Team plan gives each person their own account & secure log-in. View rights or even Edit Rights to a calendar can be granted on a per-user basis. Audit History logs record who made what change and when, to help pinpoint & reverse errors.

Ideal for:

  • Church & school & nonprofit webiste calendars
  • Public events promotion calendars
  • Community event management & publicity
  • Appointment- or event-booking calendars
  • Custom branded web calendars
  • Works with any website software: Wordpress, Facebook, Drupal pages & more

Easily paste our embed code into your website and, forever afterwards, nontechnical staff can edit the calendar from your Keep&Share account and the website instantly shows their changes.

Comunity events calendar

A community events calendar with a “Suggest an Event” button
View this calendar live

Unique "Day Scroll" creates a compact view:

What customers say:

“ I’m a web designer and many of my clients need a nice looking, easily updatable calendar for their websites. This product makes it easy for me to provide this for them, and, it makes it easy for them to update their own website calendar if they want to.

The K&S embed HTML calendar widget is very well thought-through and is practical & easy to use. The available documentation is professional and accurate.

The programming is clean, without glitches, and operates perfectly.

In addition, [Keep&Share’s] customer service is outstanding.... You are exceeding your customers’ expectations, which is what it takes to create the strong customer referrals you need to succeed in the long run. ”

Jeff Stacy Graphics logo
Jeff Stacy, CEO/Founder
Jeff Stacy Graphics & Web Design

Robinhood Road Baptist Church Logo
Dave Larson

“It only took me a couple of hours using the trial version of Keep&Share to decide this is the HTML calendar we should use on our church Web site.

It is easy to maintain, offers the ability to add icons and photos to an event, offers many different display formats and is very easy to embed on a Web page. We use the “Day Scroll” view which optimizes the real estate on our Web page.

The Keep&Share folks have done a great job ... their HTML calendar is easy to maintain and configure at a very reasonable cost.

I would recommend Keep&Share to anyone looking for a very nice event calendar.”

Dave Larson, Congregant & Volunteer Webmaster, Robinhood Road Baptist Church
Solutions Design Consulting logo
Naomi Gee

We were able to complete a powerful self-booking & ecommerce website project ahead of schedule, thanks to Keep&Share’s very responsive support in the customization of our client’s online registration class calendar.

Our client and staff were so pleased with the deliverables — ‘Wow!’ was the first thing they said. Our new website with the online class registration will greatly reduce manual effort, increase productivity and profit, provide customers self-book capability.

We were so pleased to find the BEST SOLUTION for our client with ‘Keep&Share’ calendar creation with image and color options, self-book process, online payment, to-do list, address book, photos, databases, reservation and appointment setting, files on the cloud, help videos and articles, including their exceptional customer service and support. Robert, we thank you so much for all your emails with customized videos addressing our issues and its fixes, performing quality check on our self-book form and suggestions. I definitely recommend Gee Whiz Lab’s Keep&Share product and services. ‘This is after all more than just a calendar!’”

Naomi L. Gee, CEO & Founder, Solutions Design Consulting

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