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Amy Kelly
Amy Kelly, PicFlips Flipbooks
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You can count on Keep&Share for mission-critical business scheduling.

Here are some of our customers’ success stories:

“I knew I had a winner”

“ … once I tried out KeepandShare, I knew that I had a winner! It is SO easy (and fun) to use! You can start entering data successfully right away. It is so clear how to get started!”

Elizabeth, church secretary
— Elizabeth
Church Secretary

Support that’s clear, fast & thorough

“I would like to compliment on Keep&Share excellent support… Robert from Keep&Share team has always answered our queries promptly.

Peter Grabec
Peter Grabec
Owner & Director, North Lakes Electrical Brisbane, Australia

We’re also proud to work with these businesses:

  • A Splash of Art A “paint and sip” art studio taking online registrations via their web calendar
  • Aspen Chamber of Commerce Aspen Colorado chamber of commerce
  • Lobster Trap Wholesale Seafood Deliveries Wholesale seafood delivery business in Massachusetts
  • Benbow Historic Inn Historic inn located on the Redwood Coast in California
  • IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital 24-hour emergency & specialty veterinary service
  • Procter & Gamble Cleaning & personal care manufacturers
  • Maid to Shine Cleaning Eco-friendly residential house cleaning services in Oregon
  • Oregon State University Health Center Campus Health Center at Oregon State University

Success Story: Amy Kelly and PicFlips Flipbooks

Amy Kelly

Challenge #1:

Most software is too complex to learn

It’s embarrassing to say, but we used to rely on a paper calendar and huge whiteboards to keep track of our event business.

We started out this way 7 years ago and just kept adding to the calendar each year. We have an incredibly meticulous office team, so it actually worked for us as we grew our business. We had tried another online calendar program on a recommendation from a colleague, but it was difficult to learn.

Once you learned the ins-and-outs of it, it could do everything but cook you breakfast, but the time and effort it took to continually train the team made us resort back to the paper calendar and the large whiteboards because it was easy and familiar.

Challenge #2:

Conflicting staff preferences & priorities

The office team liked the paper calendar because we could write events in different colors and see whose handwriting was in the book.

The whiteboards gave us a weekly/monthly view of our upcoming events. However, our logistics team HATED the paper calendar and whiteboards.

Challenge #3:

What if…? The risks & limits of paper files

It was a constant worry that one day something would happen to the paper calendar.

We also couldn’t access it from outside of the office, and once we started hitting 8 events on one day, it just wasn’t feasible to keep using the beloved paper. It was also very time-consuming to re-write the events on the multiple whiteboards each month.

We tried using the Google calendar, but it didn’t fit our needs and was a bit confusing. It was also difficult to get any help or tech support for their product. (Don’t get me wrong — I adore Google, but this product just wasn’t right for us.)

The Solution: Simple, robust & customizable, and always available

Our Office Manager found Keep&Share and we gave it a try.It was everything we were looking for and so simple to use!

The video tutorials were great, we could overlap calendars, use different colors, highlight certain events, and the tech support has been phenomenal!

We exclusively use Keep&Share for our calendar and logistical needs now. We use it to give the event details, who is working the event, any special notes from the client, which vehicle is being used, etc and every single team member can see it at any given time.

What an improvement!

Amy Kelly
Owner, PicFlips Flipbooks

What people are saying about us:

“NEVER gives us problems”

“My business‘s KeepandShare calendar is the one area of technology that NEVER gives us problems. Excellent customer service and a well thought-out product with great online support.”

Rochel deOliveira
Rochel deOliveira
M.S., CCC-SLP, Director, Accents Off, New York City

I love my Keep&Share. It’s the way I manage my business

“Simply put, Keep&Share keeps us connected, 24x7, wherever we are, so we can work as one, efficient team.

“Thank you, Robert & Richard for designing a wonderful tool to help me be successful!”

Anna D'Alessio
— Anna D’Alessio
President, Universal Portraits Studios, Inc

”I am proud to incorporate into our website“

I do not know HTML or CSS or any sort of programming, and yet I was able to fully customize a calendar that, as a graphic designer, I am proud to incorporate into our website.

Bea Riley
— Bea Riley
Webmaster, Hollywood Ballroom Dance Center

Success Story: Neil Mercer Consulting

The Challenge:

Communicating across myriad divisions, teams, & locations

I can only say that KeepandShare has revolutionized our business operations.

We have eliminated the inherent challenges keeping communications with each and every division and team member by implementing KeepandShare.

The learning curve was almost eliminated due to the excitement of the staff when KeepandShare was first implemented. The value was realized instantaneously, and it only took a verbal “check the calendar,” for each team member to realize that there would be fewer (to none) telephone calls, or trips to the offices to get marching orders.

Meil Mercer Consulting using Keep&Share during meeting Meil Mercer Consulting using Keep&Share during meeting Meil Mercer Consulting using Keep&Share during meeting Meil Mercer Consulting using Keep&Share during meeting
Neil Mercer Neil Mercer Neil Mercer Neil Mercer

The Results:

“Production was able to increase exponentially”

Once the monitors and Internet connectivity were setup in the work areas, production was able to increase exponentially.

No confusion, No conflicting directives, A permanent record of all calendar entries, A way to hide non-public information and make it instantly available to authorized eyes, the list goes on and on. The real beauty is that the KeepandShare suite is so comprehensive, and yet so intuitive, that WE get to invent our own uses for the program.

I don’t usually accept superlatives at face value when reading reviews, I apologize only in that I must now use superlatives to describe KeepandShare.

It is an indispensable tool, one of the greatest “apps” for what is one of the most affordable business tools anywhere if you want to coordinate efforts of several legs of the octopus… Effortlessly.

Neil Mercer
IT Consultant, Mercer Consulting Co.

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