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Accept Signups & Appointments
Do you have classes, workshops, or one-on-one appointments? With the Self-Book package, your customers find open seats via your online calendar, then just click on a time & fill out a form to claim their spot! Approve by default or review manually.

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Approve Reservations
Do you rent out conference rooms, theaters, soccer fields, equipment, or other in-demand items? Now, people can see available reservation times on your calendar, click & fill out a form to make a reservation. No double-bookings!

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Take Suggestions & Requests
Do you manage a community events calendar, or need an add-only mode? Add a “Suggest Event” button to your calendar, and people can add events themselves. You can approve them automatically or review each suggestion before it goes live.

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Get Paid Up-Front with PayPal
Minimize no-shows and lost purchases by integrating PayPal into your Self-Book calendar from Keep&Share. PayPal is easy for your customers to use and makes sure you get paid.

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Get Your Time Back
With a Self-Book calendar, you can get hours back in your day since you’re not taking phone calls or emails about signups or reservations. Plus, we can send out confirmation & reminder emails for you!

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Easier for Your Customers
Your customers will love your speedy registration process, since the available dates & request form are in the same spot! And you’ll love that they’ll get it right the first time.

Why choose Keep&Share Self-Book?

There are a lot of appointment & signup calendars out there to choose from. Here’s why our customers have chosen to use Keep&Share instead of any other options:

  • Unlimited events/appointments/classes & capacity
  • Host your calendar at Keep&Share or on your own website
  • No “cut” goes to Keep&Share — just one flat monthly (or yearly) price
  • Huge flexibility in customizing your own forms
  • PayPal integration
  • Access your account & bookings from your phone or tablet
  • We send confirmation emails & reminders for you
  • Nonprofits get a lifetime 30% discount

Our customers find our website calendar very convenient, they can easily check our availability and make an online booking in no time — being it from a notebook, tablet or a smart phone.

Peter Grabec Owner & Director, North Lakes Electrical
Peter Grabec

The Keep and Share Calendar has saved our business and our sanity…. It has a straight forward design and unmatched tech support. Not only does it work perfectly, it is EASY. Our clients love it and the compliments are constantly rolling in.

Robin Ballard Web Mistress, Companion Dogs by Sue Myles
Robin Ballard

Click to view these sample calendars:

Dog Training class calendar

Class signups with pictures & descriptions

Community events calendar

A community events calendar with a “Suggest an Event” button and customized form — the public provides the content for your calendar

Office hours signup calendar

Allow signups for 1-on-1 appointments at set times

The calendar has been working beautifully; figured it would take some elbow grease for these requests but I love that I can provide the feedback to fine tune the system to our needs. Your products is truly the most robust of anything out there on the market!

Ginny Grivas CEO and Founder, ChefScape Solutions
Ginny Grivas

Who Uses Self-Book:

Keep&Share’s easy-to-use signup & reservation calendar can be a powerful tool for all kinds of businesses and nonprofits. Here are some examples:

  • Art classes
  • Library computer-literacy classes
  • CPR classes
  • Community events organizers
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Personal coaches for 1-on-1 appointments and group classes
  • Public affairs departments for community events calendars
  • Scuba lessons
  • Gun safety classes
  • Résumé workshops
  • Church signups to staff Sundays
  • Dog trainers & walkers
  • IT departments to automate calendar-oriented business processes
Maui CPR & First Aid logo
Seth & Kristina deLeon

“Having Keep&Share’s system to offer our schedule of classes to our students is like having an added employee. That manages bookings and payments. The upside is not only all the updates that continue to come out making the system even easier and more features to stream line our paperwork. But at a fraction of the cost of the “main stream” big names services.

Keep&Share gives us personal, professional attention that is worth the monthly fee.

I highly recommend this service. It has enabled us to spend more time on gaining new customers. At the same time, Keep&Share runs in the background to effectively manage customers bookings.

At the end of a day of gaining new customers we can look at the daily reports and see keep and share has saved us time. The end result is we are gaining more customers and having to spend less time managing bookings and paperwork. That equals more money to our bottom line :)

As a small business keep and share is vital to our growth and success. I only wish we have found it years ago :)Seth De Leon & Kristina De Leon, Owners, Maui C.P.R. & First Aid

What people are saying about us:

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will I get support during my free trial?

    Yes. All Self-Book customers get a free setup consultation when you’re first getting started, as well as phone + email support throughout your trial and as long as your Keep&Share subscription lasts. And we’ve got real people answering, too.

  2. Can this appointment calendar take payments for my events?

    Yes. Keep&Share Self-Book can integrate with PayPal, which takes most major credit/debit cards. It can be required for your event, optional, or not even mentioned. We’ll give you good directions on how to set it up, and we’re only a phone call or email away if you have any questions.

  3. Does Keep&Share take a percentage of my sales through my online calendar?

    No. Unlike many event-scheduling & registration software programs, we don’t take a cut of your fees — we only charge one low, flat fee each month for the Self-Book package. You can even get 2 months free if you pay annually, and you get a 30% discount if you’re a nonprofit.

  4. Will my customers see who has made other appointments?

    No. Only the calendar owner (and anyone you gave Edit Rights to the calendar to) can see who made the reservations, unless you choose to display it. The privacy of your business and your clientèle is guarded by Keep&Share.

  5. Do my customers/volunteers (etc.) have to sign up for your website to use this?

    No. You can make your calendar publicly bookable so that all they need to do is fill out a form. If you want to be more selective though, you can share your appointment calendar privately with a group of accounts. (This is helpful if a boss wants to certain employees request meetings or time off, for example).