A Calendar that You Control

The web’s most customizable calendar has features that
will bend over backwards to meet your needs,
especially where other calendars have failed you.

A Calendar that You Control

The web’s most customizable calendar has features that will bend over backwards to meet your needs, especially where other calendars have failed you.

Put anything in your calendar
Images, links, tags, color-coding, attached files, attached addresses, reminders, icons… even detailed notes; you need it, we’ve got it!

Share with anyone
You can share your calendar with anyone, anywhere, anytime! You can share privately or publicly and visitors to your calendar don't need an account to see your calendar.

Safe & Secure
Multi-layered sharing & privacy options keep you in control of “Who sees what” (and who can change it) at all times. Share with the public, or only with specific friends. History logs record changes, & backups keep your data extra-safe.

Customize your colors
Color-code events using event tags and choose a custom color-theme for your calendar so that it matches your branding. You can even place your logo above the calendar.

Automatic event reminders
Get automatic reminders by email and/or text message for events. You can choose how many reminders to send and when you'd like them sent.

Embed your calendar in your website
You can embed your calendar into any webpage so that visitors don't have to leave your site to see your calendar. Visitors can also book appointments directly from your calendar using Self-Book.

Flexible Calendar Views

We offer 6 different calendar views so that you have maximum flexibilty on how to display your events. You can:

The Calendar Event Editor

 Add tables, photos, & pages of text in your “Day Notes”

Your “Day Notes” section gives you the freedom to add images, lists, grids, and richly formatted text to any day (think highlighting, different fonts, the works!). Great for detailed note-taking or logs.

 Add links, reminders, and pages of notes to events

You get up to 5 reminders per event (before or after it), 3 links, and the chance to attach pages of notes to your events. You can even add hidden text that only you can see.

 Repeating events

Make an event repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every 2nd Tuesday… whatever you want, you’ve got it in Keep&Share!

 Color-code & add icons to events

These features make it easy to recognize certain events, especially when you’re sharing the calendar with people who didn’t create it themselves & need a little help.

 Let others book appointments on your calendar using “Self-Book”

With Self-Book people can see available bookings on your calendar, click & fill out a custom form to make a reservation. Send automated reminders, acceptance, rescheduling, and cancellation notifications to your customers.

 Get up to 30 calendars in your account

Solo plans include 5 calendars for your own use, and each user on a Team plan has 30 calendars in their own account.

 See multiple calendars Side-by-Side

Use Side-by-Side View to compare up to 15 schedules next to each other, hour-by-hour or day-by-day. Each column is a different calendar, and each row can be a different hour or a different day. You can even color-code them!

Learn more about Side-by-Side calendars.

 Combine multiple calendars so you never miss a thing

Keep&Share “Overlays” help you get the “big picture” by layering two or more calendars into one view. Great for overseeing multiple office projects, work schedules, or keeping your own business & home schedule in sync.

 See all of your events at once

Unlike Google Calendar and Outlook, you can choose to show all of your events at once without extra events being hidden or cut off.

Our calendar rows will adjust their height to make sure that all of your events are always shown.

Private sharing
Make working together & sharing schedules secure with a Team plan. Give your clients or staff their own sub-accounts and share individual calendars or other files with individuals. They need to log in to view or edit, and you control who has access.

Free / Busy Mode
Sometimes you may have a private calendar that you do not want others to know what Events are on there, but you still want others to know that you are busy during those times. Keep&Share’s “Free/Busy” setting will allow you to do exactly that.

Share edit rights or view-only
It’s easy to grant edit rights to specific people if you want, and easy to keep it view-only for them, too. Any sub-account on a Team plan can receive edit rights, and any type of account can get view-only rights. But only if you give it to them.

Invite team members to meetings
Your “Invite-to-Meeting” feature lets you invite other people to meetings you schedule on your calendar. They RSVP, and you can send follow-up messages and see everyone’s RSVP status. Then, they can easily add the meeting to their calendar, too.

Print or emailcalendar PDFs
Your Keep&Share calendar prints beautifully with many more printing options than most online calendars offer, including multiple views (Day, Week, Month, Year). Easily email a beautiful PDF to others, or hang a printout on the office wall.

Receive a copy of your calendar by email
Don’t want to log in to stay up-to-date? Tell Keep&Share to email you (or your staff or clients) a copy of your calendar each morning, evening, week, etc. A low-key way to stay current.

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Your Keep&Share calendar also comes with these 5 apps for hassle-free collaboration:

Your account is a secure place to also store to do lists, files, photos, address books, and discussions. All 5 of these apps can be integrated with your calenders and anything can be shared with anyone.

Learn more about our suite of applications.

Check in from any device

You can log-in to your account and see the latest version of your online calendar from any device with internet — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! The specially-designed mobile site is optimized for small screens.


 Stay up-to-date, even out-of-the-office

Since your Keep&Share data is all stored in the cloud, instead of downloaded to a specific computer, you can always log-in and see the most up-to-date info from anywhere. Great for out-of-town or in-the-field staff.

 Syncs with your other calendars

Seeing data from your Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar in Keep&Share only takes a few clicks, and you can send your K&S calendar to them, too. This is an ideal use for the calendar Overlays feature!

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