A Calendar that You Control

The web’s most customizable calendar has features that
will bend over backwards to meet your needs,
especially where other calendars have failed you.

A Calendar that You Control

The web’s most customizable calendar has features that will bend over backwards to meet your needs, especially where other calendars have failed you.

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put anything in your calendar

Put Anything in Your Calendar
Images, links, tags, attached files, reminders, icons… even detailed word processing notes; you need it, we’ve got it! When other calendars feel limited, we step up with the scheduling, display, & sharing options your calendars need.

view your calendar anywhere

View it Any-Which-Way, Anywhere
With 22 different view modes to choose from, you’ll be able to see exactly the dates or pieces of information you want at all times. Side-by-Side View and Overlays let you combine calendars, and it’s all visible on any device with internet.

safe and secure sharing

Safe & Secure Sharing
Multi-layered sharing & privacy options keep you in control of “Who sees what” (and who can change it) at all times. Share with the public, or only with specific logged-in users. History logs record changes, & backups keep your data extra-safe.


A calendar that works the way you do:

  • Store, share & protect your personal & business calendars in one spot
  • Save time when your calendar sends reminders for you
  • Easily track different schedules with color-coding & side-by-side views
  • End headaches & get more sales when customers “Self-Book” online
  • Breathe easy — you always know who can see (or edit) what
  • Add & update calendars on your website — no IT needed!
  • You can access your data everywhere, even from your smart phone & tablet
  • The same simple & secure sharing for files, to do lists, contacts & more in 1 account

See everything you need

 Get up to 30 calendars in your account

Solo plans include 5 calendars for your own use, and each user on a Team plan has 30 calendars in their own account.

 See multiple calendars Side-by-Side

Use Side-by-Side View to compare up to 15 schedules next to each other, hour-by-hour or day-by-day. Each column is a different calendar, and each row can be a different hour or a different day. You can even color-code them!

 Combine multiple calendars so you never miss a thing

Keep&Share “Overlays” help you get the “big picture” by layering two or more calendars into one view. Great for overseeing multiple office projects, work schedules, or keeping your own business & home schedule in sync.

 22 different display modes for your calendar

See your events laid out over a day grid (with intervals of 10 minutes, 15, 45… even 2 hours), view a week at a time, a month at a time, the next 2/3/4 days… even a year at a time! The options are (almost) endless.

 “Year-at-a-Glance” View

This handy mode lets you see an entire year on one screen (or in one print-out). All headline events are shown for each day in the year; even if you have multiple headline events on one day. You can also have your days be color-coded in Year View according to how “busy” they are.

“I have a growing dog-walking business, with six walkers and over 30 dogs – all with varying schedules. Keeping track of so many schedules, and the frequent changes to those schedules, is a big part of what I do. I tried out a couple different calendar programs before I came across Keep&Share, and now I don't think I could run my business without it!”

“I love how each walker can have her own separate calendar, and that I can look at them individually, or see everyone's at once. It's great for all walkers to have access to the address book, with contact information for each dog – and I can include notes about routines and photos of the dogs there as well… Whenever I need to make a change to a dog's schedule, Keep&Share sends an email or text to let the walker know… They seem to be able to do everything I am looking for!”

“I would highly recommend Keep&Share to anyone looking for easy and flexible and organization. I am really enjoying the scheduling part of my business because of how much fun it is to use this program!”

Penny Jones, Owner, Penny’s Dog Walking

Accessible wherever you are, on any device

Check in from any device

You can log-in to your account and see the latest version of your online calendar from any device with internet — desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone! The specially-designed mobile site is optimized for small screens.


 Stay up-to-date, even out-of-the-office

Since your Keep&Share data is all stored in the cloud, instead of downloaded to a specific computer, you can always log-in and see the most up-to-date info from anywhere. Great for out-of-town or in-the-field staff.

 Syncs with your other calendars

Seeing data from your Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar in Keep&Share only takes a few clicks, and you can send your K&S calendar to them, too. This is an ideal use for the calendar Overlays feature!

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“One of the biggest problems that we came across before Keep&Share was that most calendar management programs only allow for a few users to be logged in at the same time. We particularly like Keep&Share because it solves this problem for us and Keep&Share allows everyone in the company to be logged in and in touch with their own schedules at the same time throughout the day. They can do this from their mobile phones and iPads, so there is not waiting till the end of the day when you have access to a computer to see the schedule for the next day and rest of the week, they do it straight from the field!”

Amanda McLarren, Commercial Account Manager, McKown Pressure Wash & Painting

A calendar that can handle any information

 A big deal: “Day Notes” and Events

Most calendars just let you add timed events to your schedule, with a little bit o’ details. In K&S, you can add plenty of details to your events, but you also have the “Day Notes” section in each day, with myriad options. Read on…

 Add tables, photos, & pages of text in your “Day Notes”

Your “Day Notes” section gives you the freedom to add images, lists, grids, and richly formatted text to any day (think highlighting, different fonts, the works!). Great for detailed note-taking or logs.

 Add links, reminders, and pages of notes to events

You get up to 5 reminders per event (before or after it), 3 links, and the chance to attach pages of notes to your events. You can even add hidden text that only you can see.

 Repeating events

Make an event repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every 2nd Tuesday… whatever you want, you’ve got it in Keep&Share!

 Color-code & add icons to events

These features make it easy to recognize certain events, especially when you’re sharing the calendar with people who didn’t create it themselves & need a little help.

I love my Keep&Share. It’s the way I manage my business — I’m always on the road and run my business remotely, with Keep and Share I can keep a tab on my team of 14. This is an amazing boost, since my staff are spread across 3 Canadian provinces and we have a lot of complex project scheduling.

Simply put, Keep&Share keeps us connected, 24x7, wherever we are, so we can work as one, efficient team.

We’ve come so far with Keep&Share in the two years we’ve run my business with them that now we’re expanding our use of Keep&Share, so that we’ll use them not only for staff and project calendar schedules, but also managing all our customer contact databases.

Thank you, Robert & Richard for designing a wonderful tool to help me be successful!”

Anna D’Alessio, President, Universal Portraits Studios, Inc

Sharing & Collaboration — get everyone up-to-speed, effortlessly

 Log-in credentials for private sharing

Make working together & sharing schedules secure with a Team plan. Give your clients or staff their own sub-accounts and share individual calendars or other files with individuals. They need to log in to view or edit, and you control who has access.

 Free / Busy Mode — Share your availability, but not your private life

Sometimes you may have a private calendar that you do not want others to know what Events are on there, but you still want others to know that you are busy during those times. For example, let’s say you have a private calendar that shows you have a PTA meeting from 3:00-4:00pm on Friday. You want your clients to know that you will be unavailable during that time, but you don't want them to know what for. Keep&Share’s “Free/Busy” setting will allow you to do exactly that.

 Share edit rights or view-only

It’s easy to grant edit rights to specific people if you want, and easy to keep it view-only for them, too. Any sub-account on a Team plan can receive edit rights, and any type of account can get view-only rights. But only if you give it to them.

 Invite team members to meetings & add to calendar

Your “Invite-to-Meeting” feature lets you invite other people to meetings you schedule on your calendar. They RSVP, and you can send follow-up messages and see everyone’s RSVP status. Then, they can easily add the meeting to their calendar, too.

 Or, skip the log-in requirement with public viewing

It’s easy to share your calendar more broadly by giving view-only rights to the public & sharing the link — visitors will always see the most up-to-date version! You can also embed the calendar on your website.

 Print or email gorgeous PDFs of your calendar

Circulate copies of your calendar with the exact layout you want easily — Keep&Share calendar PDFs are beautiful & highly customizable.

 Receive a copy of your calendar in your inbox

Don’t want to log in to stay up-to-date? Tell Keep&Share to email you (or your staff or clients) a copy of your calendar each morning, evening, week, etc. A low-key way to stay current.

“I've tried many calendars in the past and I've never been willing to pay for one.

What made me purchase Keep&Share was its support for combining multiple calendars as ‘overlays’ and even showing my To Do Lists in the calendar.

I have to honestly say, I've never felt more organized in my life than I am right now with Keep&Share.

I am an entrepreneur with multiple calendars and although I need to keep that information separate, I need to ensure I don't overbook myself. Your calendar is the first I've seen that allows me to scrap the sticky-notes-on-the-desk system AND keep track of where I'm supposed to be for 4 separate, distinct areas of my life. ”

Chaya, Owner, PantryParatus.com

Security: it matters to us, too

 Private by default

You always control who sees what — your calendar or other files will only be visible to others if you actively change the share settings. Simple icons tell you at-a-glance who can see what, so you can be 100% sure only the right people have access.

 HTTPS encryption + automatic backups

Keep&Share takes your data seriously. All paid accounts are covered by HTTPS encryption, and you can turn on automatic backups on a daily or weekly basis, plus export to back-up manually at any time.

 Audit history logs tell you who did what

Quickly see the last 30 days of changes to your calendar, plus who made them & when. Excellent for undoing errors and monitoring edits.

 With Team plans, you control your sub-accounts

The master account sets up each sub-account, providing a high level of control over what your staff or clients see & do. Later, it’s easy to close or disconnect seats if someone leaves the team. FREE set-up consultations are included in every Team plan free trial!

30% discount for nonprofits

You deserve the chance to devote more of your resources to your mission instead of your software. So at Keep&Share, nonprofits get a 30% discount on all purchases, for life.

Embed a calendar on your website

Any calendar you create in Keep&Share can be embedded on your own website, with just as many customization articles. Unique features like the “Day Scroll” option make it sure to stand out against competitors’ calendars. Discover html calendar options now.

“Add-Only” and event-signup functionality available

The Self-Book: Calendar Requests add-on will let people add events to your calendar without needing a log-in or being able to edit existing events. Or, they can sign up for appointments & group events, or even suggest an event. Explore Self-Book now.