Simple, Secure Document Sharing, Hosting & Integration

The Files application takes the hassle out of sharing documents from your calendar

Ideal online file storage features:

  • 5GM of storage
  • Creating & editing documents online
  • Uploading files, documents, PDFs, and spreadsheets and more
  • Attaching files to events in your calendar
  • Copying links to folders of documents and adding them to events or event notes
  • Private & secure file storage
  • Keeping all your files in one safe location

Turn team collaboration and updates into an efficient workflow, instead of a jumbled mess of emails & memos. Discover these benefits in your Keep&Share Files app:

Attach files to events for easy calendar integration

Attach word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, and any other file in your account to events in your calendar. The “Attach to Event” button is a quickly and easy way to add a lot of information to your Events without cluttering up the appearance of your events.

Upload & share any kind of file

You’ve got PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets, and more that you’ve got to share with the right people. That’s no problem here — Keep&Share works happily with whatever type of file you’ve got.

Stop losing track of files in email & take back your inbox!

Cut down on email back-and-forth by collaborating in Keep&Share. Type it up online and share view or edit rights as-needed. Leave comments, create drafts, and finalize it — all without a single CC exchange!

You’ll know that only the right people have access

Eliminate worries over accidentally CC-ing the wrong person. With Keep&Share, it’s easy to tell who can view or edit a document, and you can change the share settings with just a click.

Quick, easy setup — usually only 20 minutes per user!

You’ll love our step-by-step tutorial videos, articles, & responsive email support. Team plans also get a free 30-minute setup tutorial, plus phone support. Enjoy this refreshing change from most software!

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Share with anyone, inside or outside your company

Edit & share files in Keep&Share with anyone you want, no matter what email they use or company they work for. Just set up their free account in Keep&Share (<20 minutes) and they’ll get instant access when you share.

Easy file hosting service for your website, newsletters, & more

Securely host documents for public access from inside your Keep&Share account. It’s easy to edit or re-upload without touching code, and you won’t even have to change the link if you update a file.

View, upload, and download files from your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablet!

You can access your Photos app on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, so it’s easy to view or edit files even when you’re out-of-the-office — no syncing required!

Create documents online with full word-processing features

Don’t feel limited to uploading static PDFs or typing up rudimentary files. Your Keep&Share Files app has all the options you’d expect with desktop software, like font choices, highlighting, tables, lists and more.

Email files in from the field or job sites, & they instantly appear in your account

Tired of clicking your way through file upload windows? Instead, just email a file as an attachment to your Keep&Share account. It’ll show up in a flash, and in just a few clicks (or taps) you can share it with anyone who needs access, even from your mobile phone.