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Our company is Gee Whiz Labs, Inc. and our product is We started coding in 2003 and has been continuously live since 2004.

Keep&Share’s online calendar is used as a cloud-based service for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to publish information easily and securely to their teams and their public audiences. Our servers are located in a secured, world-class data center with with backup power, HVAC, fire suppression and the world's largest IPv6 backbone as measured by number of networks connected. Think blazing fast.

The Keep&Share cloud servers employ the latest technologies to provide superb uptime and performance. All calendar & user data is backed up in real-time and to multiple locations. We handle all the technology so you can focus on your business.

Our mission is to make online sharing easy & secure for groups and teams. Our staff brings over 250 years of Silicon Valley technical & business experience to this mission. We focus 110% of our company's time and energy on making the world's best cloud-based calendar. Our passion is building great business software that delights our users and we are constantly improving Keep&Share.

Our staff makes every effort to deliver honest and fair service with a very high level of care for our users and their information. We strive to treat you just as we would want to be treated ourselves.

Gee Whiz, That's a Good Piece of Software!

Why is our company named “Gee Whiz Labs”? Simply because we are dedicated to the proposition that each and every one of our users should experience a “Gee Whiz” moment after using Keep&Share: Gee Whiz, that's a good piece of software!

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