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Address features in all Keep&Share accounts:

address view address view address view address view address view

Address card in your Address Book

  Import Any Contacts

Import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, etc. easily. We accept vCard .VCF and .CSV file formats.

  Access 24/7

Upload, edit, & and share your addresses from any device, anywhere, 24/7. Keep&Share is a 100% web-based cloud software. Plus you can update existing contacts.

  Customizable Contact Management System

Add links, multiple addresses, and phone numbers, keep a log of all calls & emails, paste in images or screenshots, attach addresses to your calendar events, and more.

Address book fields

Choose what address fields to show in your Address Book

  Safe & Secure

Others cannot modify or delete your addresses without permission — your address book is private by default.

  Never lose Addresses

Organize your uploaded addresses with folders, keywords, & tags so that you can always find what you're looking for.

  Add Extensive Notes

You and your team members can use the Contact History to make detailed notes about when anyone last contacted someone.

  Click to Call

Call contacts in your address book with a single click from your computer or tap from your smartphone.

  Attach addresses

Attach any part of your addresses to events, tasks, or even other addresses. This includes addresses, phone numbers, websites, birthdays, anniversaries, and more!

  Map links added automatically

When you add an address to your contacts a map link for your address is automatically created. You can click on the address and a new browser window will automatically open with a map to your contact's address.

  Address keywords

Create custom tags that you can mark your addresses with. This helps you when you want to find contacts from a specific group (such as "family") or from an event (such as a "networking meeting").

  Remember important dates

Add birthdays, anniversaries, call dates, and more to a calendar and receive reminders about them by email.

  Print address labels

Keep&Share supports Avery's most popular address label formats so it's easy to create and print address labels directly for contacts stored in your account.

  Use with email marketing platforms

  Use with email marketing

Our Address Books work very well with bulk email tools like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. You can filter your address books for the contacts you need, export a .CSV of those contacts, and import them into the email client of your choice.

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Address features available in paid accounts:

address view address view address view address view address view

Add a follow-up task to your addresses

  Add Follow-Up Tasks

You can add a follow-up task to your Contact History in case there's a future action you need to make regarding that contact. You can even add reminders.

  Add custom address fields

You can customize the name of all 24 information fields in your addresses, as well as add 8 additional information fields and 2 date fields to collect the personal information of your choice.

  Advanced address filtering

Use our advanced filtering system to find the exact address you're looking for. You can search using any address field(s) of your choice.

  Synchronize contacts across your team

Your team can easily share, edit, and copy information from your online address book as needed. Everyone can have access, and keep consistent notes and updated information on all contacts.

  Copy addresses to email

Keep&Share isn't designed to replace an email client but it is designed to work well with email programs you already use. You can copy groups of email addresses directly from your Address Book (no export required!) and then paste them into your email.

Automatically collect addresses and contact details:

1   Visitors fill out a form with their contact information using our "Self-Book" add-on

2   The form is submitted to your account

3   Contacts are automatically added or
updated in your Address Book

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