Secure Online Address Books & Contact Management

Easily consolidate all your contacts in one secure, online location. Attach addresses to events for painless calendar integration.

Discover a better way than paper address books & rolodexes — with Keep&Share, you can view & edit your contacts from any device, anywhere, 24/7.

  • Up to 5,000 contacts in your account
  • 10 separate Address Books
  • 30 folders in each Address Book for organization
  • Attach addresses to events and link to contact info
  • Print address labels
  • Share your addresses with anyone
  • Add contact birthdays, anniversaries, and more to your calendar

Keep track of your clients, leads, staff, mailing list and more in one easy-to-find location — you & your staff can enjoy the benefits of this address book with your calendar from no matter where you are:

Attach any part of your addresses to events for easy calendar integration

Anything that is part of your address book can be attached to events in your calendar. This includes addresses, phone numbers, websites, birthdays, anniversaries and more! This makes it easy to have contact information on hand for scheduled meetings and phone calls on your calendar. You can also attach addresses directly from the Event Editor in your calendar.

Works on Windows, Mac, tablet, iPhone, Android… anything & everything with internet!

Keep&Share is a 100% web-based cloud system, so you can access it no matter what technology you have. There’s nothing to download or update — just log in and click on “Addresses” in your account!

A customizable web-based CRM

Add and remove custom fields for each entry, and add up to 20 pages of notes per contact. Group related contacts into folders. You can even add links leading to related documents, calendars, & more!

Synchronize contacts across offices & among staff

It’s easy to share your address book, or just individual entries, with others. You can even share edit rights to make updating it even easier. Everyone who needs to be in-the-know has access wherever they are.

Find contacts fast with your searchable & sortable digital address book

You can easily find people in your K&S address book — search for any text in your address book (including in your free-text notes about people), sort by first or last name, or even sort contacts with a “gold star”.

Map links are added automatically to your contacts

When you add an address to your contacts a map link for your address is automatically created. You can click on the address and a new browser window will automatically open with a map to your contact's address.

Add follow-up tasks to your Contact History

The Contact History allows you to add a follow-up task in your To Do Lists in case there's a future action you need to make regarding that contact. You can even set up reminders to make it easy to stay on top of your tasks.

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It’s not a hassle to switch — import contacts from your old system easily

You can import contacts from another software program in a snap (or export them from Keep&Share, too). Keep&Share imports vCard .VCF and .CSV file formats. These are the two leading address file formats.

Embed a directory on your web page

Like most files in the other 5 Keep&Share apps, you can embed a live address collection into a web page. It’s a great way to publish business directories, rosters, and other public information.

Secure online address books — you always control who sees what

Your address books (and everything else in your K&S account) are private by default — they can only be shared with others if you share them yourself. Easily limit who can see entries and who can edit them on a person-by-person basis. Solo and Team plans are https-encrypted.

Up to 20 pages of notes for every contact

You can store any and all information you need about a person or company with 20 pages of space. Keep a log of all calls & emails, paste in images or screenshots, add links or notes from meetings… It’s all easy in your powerful Keep&Share address book!

Tag your addresses with keywords

Address keywords are custom tags that you can mark your addresses with. This handy tool helps when you want to find contacts from a specific group (such as 'family') or from an event (such as a 'networking meeting'). You can then filter your addresses for contacts marked with a certain keyword.

Print address labels for mailing

Keep&Share supports Avery's most popular address label formats and allows you to quickly and easily print address labels directly for contacts stored in your account.

Make emailing easier by copying emails

Keep&Share isn't designed to replace an email client but it is designed to work well with email programs you already use. You can copy groups of email addresses directly from your Address Book (no export required!) and then paste them into your email.