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Discussion features in all Keep&Share accounts:

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  Communicate with others

Discussions are collections of comments posted by team members and organized together under a single topic. Commenters are automatically identified when they post and comments are shown chronologically. Replies to comments are nested to help visually organize the conversation.

  Attach discussions to events

The "Attach to Event" button is a quick and easy way to add discussions to events in your calendar without cluttering up the appearance of your events. Plus, you'll never have to hunt for the right file again.

  Hosted online for easy access

Like online discussion boards, it has the immediacy of instant messaging combined with the permanency of email. Everyone can easily view all the posted comments and replies, no matter when they were made.

  Full formatting tools features

Don't feel limited to uploading static PDFs or typing up rudimentary files. Our group discussion app has all the options you'd expect with desktop software, like font choices, highlighting, tables, lists, and more.

  Email notifications

You can get email notifications sent to you whenever someone comments on your discussions. You can even send notifications to other people you have shared your Discussion with.

  View & comment anywhere

Keep&Share is a 100% web-based cloud system, so you can access it no matter what technology you have. There's nothing to download or update — just log in and click on "Discussions" in your account!

  Send direct messages to group members

Our "Send Message" feature allows you to directly email friends and colleagues from your account. You can even attach your Discussions to these messages to make it easy for your message recipients to access.

  Public and private sharing

You control who sees your discussions at all times. You can limit it so that only you and the people you share it with can see it and it will never be accessible by the public.

create new discussion

Easily create new discussions

  The right people have access

Eliminate worries over accidentally CC-ing the wrong person. With Keep&Share, it's easy to tell who can view or edit a group discussion, and you can change the share settings with just a click.

  Clean up your email inbox

Never lose another email thread again! You can organize your discussions into shared folders that can be found in seconds, instead of endlessly searching through your inbox.

Discussion features in paid accounts:

  Email & text notifications

Not only can you receive notifications of comments by email, but you can also choose to receive these notifications by text message! This makes it fast and easy to see all of the latest updates to your group discussions.

  Private Sharing Link

Keep your discussions private by copying a private sharing link. Visitors can only see your files if they have this link, and they don't even have to have a Keep&Share account to be able to see your discussions.

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