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Things I've learned now that I'm 50!
Things I've Learned Now That I'm 50!
God has an excellent track record! (see Hebrews 11 for more clarification.)
Waiting is one of the hardest tests of faith.
Whom you marry is the second most important decision you'll make.
After the Lord Jesus and your spouse, your kids are what bring you the greatest joy in life.
The "Passion of the Christ" is the hardest movie ever to watch, but I'm so thankful that the Son of God endured the Cross for me and all who believe in His sacrifice for our sins.
"Make no judgement where you have no compassion."

You can keep a few life-long friends, but you have to work hard at staying in touch.


My husband is very smart and has always dreamed big dreams. By viewing other people's photo albums on KeepAndShare I've been able to visit many parts of the world, like China,Thailand, Mexico, Holland, Israel, Japan, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Utah, Kansas, etc! And all for free!


Your dog(s) is/are always happy to see you, every single day!
"Live simply, that others may simply live"  -from our pastor Tim Stevenson
Encourage your 20 something kids to get married instead of waiting until they have all their ducks in a row (house, career, etc.) That way they go through it together and can get started on their family while they are still young and can still have babies!
Invest in the lives of children in another country through a sponsorship program like Compassion International and make an eternal difference in their lives.

And here's a few tidbits for young wives...


If you have a dog, walk it with your husband. That way you'll get more conversation and time for prayer. If you don't have a dog, walk anyway!


Keep yourself in shape by exercising 3x a week. It will help you through the childbearing years and beyond, and it can help stave off the blues, especially during the winter months.


After the honeymoon, get your thank you notes written. Your wedding guests took the time to buy you a gift and attend your celebration. They deserve a handwritten note.

Make time for God and His Word every day. Arrange your schedule around your time with Him and journal as much as possible. You will be amazed at what you wrote 25 years from now!


One new thing I started this year and has been a very good thing for me is to journal what I'm thankful for each day, at least one thing!

Don't feed your husband too much fat, sugar or salt. You want him to be around when you're old.


Pray together every day to maintain unity in your marriage and resist the attacks of Satan!
Display your vows as a reminder so when the storms of life come you won't forget what you promised, for the storms will surely come!

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I know working out keep my hormones intact.
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Awesome thoughts!!!