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Meeting Minutes November 2011

The November meeting was held at the COTC Library on 12 November, 2011.  Those present were:





1. The meeting was opened at 12:00 by Weldon Mathews substituting for for absent President KD8DZ.  Weldon gave a brief overview on current ARES activities as he opened the meeting.


2. W5UHQ reported the minutes from October meeting which are published on the KeepandShare.

Minutes were approved as written.  One open item that had to be carried forward to December meeting was W3HKK's proposal concerning QSL management for the three club calls due his absense from the meeting.  His proposal is on KeepandShare.


3.  W8NM reported that the current treasury balance is $382.68 and we currently have 22 paid members plus one in the mail.  Johns report was approved as written.  W5UHQ agreed to update the member list to that effect ASAP.


4. KC8AHN reported that a long time Newark ham WD8KBB had passed away that week.  He was not a member of cooken however he was a member of NARA for a long time.


5. W8ATA reported that he had assembled a mail list of as many Licking County hams as he could find. Contact him if you want to send out any Licking County Spam o' grams Hi Hi.


6. Mary Beth Mathews reported that the Newark Library does have a records repository for non profit clubs written records that can either be public or for club official's access only. She agreed to follow up with more info later.


Secretaries Note:  I do not feel that we have that much data that has not already been digitized for KeepandShare to make this worth while.  I guess the subject got tabled until next month for lack of a motion to carry out some specific record retention action. I think this subject came up as part of the W3HKK proposal for creating a contest notebook.  I would vote no for such a formal action based on the small size and informal nature of our club.  I think the intent is to keep better records and I will do everything I can to take more complete electronic minutes to reflect that. The new QSL manager has also proposed creating his own notebook of contest attachments etc.  Let's see what is proposed by those wanting more formal record keeping.


7.  The business meeting was adjourned at 12:20.


8.  Weldon Mathews introduced Bob Kenyon MSEE and K8LJ who presented a very interesting Powerpoint talk on HF Propagation Basics.  A copy of that presentation is available in the public files section of our KeepandShare repository at


73  Eldon W5UHQ


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