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Post any events you think others would want to know about. From art openings to parties or concerts. Post it here!

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Oct 28, 2021  ( 1 post )  
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Mar 4, 2007  ( 1 post )  
Mia Morrill (mmorrill)
Is anyone interested in joining in on a writing group?  I would like to be in one, as it would help me move forward in my writing.  I have taken a few classes, and was in a writing group that disbanded when two of the members moved out of the Bay Area and the two of us remaining decided to 'take the summer off' and never got started again.  I'm hoping to pull five or six of us together every week or two for an evening of sharing writing and comments, and an exercise of free-writing.
I live in North Beach and would be happy to host it, unless the church is available.
Mia Morrill