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Agenda 001 Proposals



Venue Assessment (What does the Art Inst. have?  What more do we need or want {a projector, other hardware, softwear}?  Who can get what from where?)

Brainstorming future meeting projects and topics (Bring your ideas!  No idea is stupid or ridiculous except for those that aren't offered up for discussion)

-  Picking the next meeting's topic(s) (What will it be?  Who will coordinate or facilitate the topic's endeavors?)

Advertising the next meeting (Who will post what and where?)

PorBUG's online base of operations (What all did we find for options?  Can we choose an option and start building it?)

-  Picking a routine meeting date (2nd Saturday of each month?  It appears that SeaBUG's are on the 1st Saturdays)

-  ???

Creation date: Oct 9, 2012 12:11pm     Last modified date: Oct 11, 2012 7:13pm   Last visit date: Jul 12, 2024 9:51am
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Oct 12, 2012  ( 6 posts )  
Philip Modin (philmaker)

@will_w, I can download both of those as well as the latest Blender release. 2.64a was released this morning. I will bring my laptop as well, but it cannot handle playing very high bitrate videos.


@jenuvyel, I like the idea of a lottery/drawing. If we could set up a poll on the wiki page that might be even more effective.

Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

will_w writes:  "...Is someone downloading a copy of Tears of steel or Sintel..."


I'll try to remember to do that tonight, since I have and will bring my own laptop to the meetings.

Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

With all the possible meeting topics and projects, I foresee the potential for the group to stumble or bumble on choosing any for future meetings. I'm thinking we should determine and setup a routine practice for selecting future meeting topics.


Possibilities might include:

    • Online voting from a short list comprised of each participant's first choice

    • Lottery drawing of current choices

    • Each participant getting to choose in turn

    • ??

Will Woodhull (will_w)

Is someone downloading a copy of Tears of steel for tomorrow's meeting? Perhaps they could also get a copy of Sintel in case the group wants to look at it as well.


Unfortunately my Internet connection is crapping out on long downloads today. It is an intermittent problem with the Verizon 3G link in this neighborhood.

Will Woodhull (will_w)

@jenuvyel-- Yes, if we decide to go with the wiki, I would help everyone get up to speed on it.


@Philmaker-- I really like the idea of starting with one or two presentations as you suggest. The feedback from that would help us recognize what areas we want to focus on first.


Philip Modin (philmaker)

One activity that I think might be useful and interesting is to have someone show something they've done on the projector and allow the audience to ask them how they did some specific thing. Someone might also suggest different ways of doing it. Possibly even throw some critique/feedback into it. That would help everyone.

Have a behind-the-scenes explanation + focussed critique in the same mix.



Another thing is if someone does a live tutorial session, we can record it on video and post it on YouTube so that people beyond the walls of our meeting can benefit and learn. That way our group would be able to reach out to a greater audience.

Oct 9, 2012  ( 1 post )  
Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

RE PorBUG's online base of ops:  Will's work on Portland Blender User Group is looking pretty promising.  If the group chooses this option for it's online base of ops, maybe Will can familiarize us with how to flesh out the site and and coordinate our colobarative efforts... maybe.