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Standard Meeting Format Alternative 2

15 Minutes - Pre-Lab Setup: Get lab Blender-ready.

First Hour - Open Blender Social - Have fun, show and tell, share what has inspired everyone. This should be more inspirational and motivational. If newcombers show up - we prioritize a brief introduction to Blender awesomeness - either by showing the 2012 Reel, or a presentation overview of Blender capabilities and how it stacks up against other 3D packages.


15 Minute Social Break


2nd Hour - Hybrid Tutorial/Lessons/Lecture - Beginner/Intermediate Topics: Struggling with something that seems like it should be easy but always trips you up? Hoping someone in the group is an expert that can help out? This is the hour to get past that hurddle. Use the comments to suggest a topic. If there are several absolute Blender neophytes that want a crash course in Blender, the room can split off with the newcombers provided a hand-on Blender introduction. Volunteers?

15 Minute Social Break


3rd Hour - Workshop - In-depth/Advanced Topics: Looking to move beyond the online tutorials? This is the chance to dive into particles, soft bodies, rigging, material nodes, scripting, advanced compositing, and more. Volunteers?


15 Minutes Admin Wrap-Up: Clean-up lab, take care of business, etc.


1. Anyone interested in cutting together a 10 minute Blender Reel/Capabilities overview? If no volunteers, I'll raise my hand and put togther a rough cut that other's can comment on and we can refine. Unless there's something out there. I know Jonathan Williamson at Blender Cookie does some good overviews, but they're often long.


2. Anyone want to prepare some lessons/tutorials/lectures on beginner/intermediate topics? I'd love to see Philip's approach to compositing live action; Jen's texture painting? Modeling?


3. Advanced Topic: Any area that any of us feel we're a bit more advanced in? It could be until we have guests this hour is just a carry over of the 2nd hour.

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Jan 11, 2013  ( 1 post )  
Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)


Even if we don't have any problems filling the 15-minute social breaks with glib socializing (which I'm confident we won't)...


Some possible quick topics for conversation might include any of the virtual lexicon of initialisms, names, terms and a sundry other non-layman linguistics that riddle the Blender (and other 3D suites') landscape... just enough to quickly familiarize, like maybe 30 seconds to a couple of minutes each, so it all becomes less and less a foreign language.


What the heck is GLSL or BSDF?


     Who the hell is Fresnel?


          Why do they call it UV?


               … Biods?


Even familiarizing newbs on otherwise common-enough words with Blender specific meanings, like translate, origin, normal and I'm sure others that aren't on the top of my head right now.


And, if we've planned certain endeavors ahead of time, we can focus on related verbiage. For example, whenever we explore animation, we can mention things like IK or Spline-IK, IPO, etc.


Oct 25, 2012  ( 1 post )  
Philip Modin (philmaker)

I recently watched a video from the Blender Conference about Camera Tracking. It seems like they overhauled a lot of it. I'll need more time to check out the new features before I can make a presentation, and I doubt I can do that by November's meeting. Maybe we can start with something simpler for November.

Oct 21, 2012  ( 1 post )  
Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

If this discussion is about an alternative standard meeting format, can I make a small suggestion that might help avoid confusion (even if it is only my confusion)?  Rename this discussion, “Standard Meeting Format Alternative 2,” or something quite similar.  Because, whatever format we decide to use for Meeting 002, we also need to discuss Agenda 002. And, an unconfused title for that discussion would be, “Agenda 002 Proposals.” I think it would be easier to discuss both separately.


As for “Standard Meeting Format Alternative 2,” I don't see anything wrong with it. However, we might not need or want two 15-minute social breaks in a 3-hour period. I understand how that nicely sandwiches between the three blocks. But, 30 minutes seems a little much. Just a thought.

Oct 16, 2012  ( 1 post )  
Philip Modin (philmaker)

I wouldn't mind coming early to setup and leaving later to clean up.


I would prepare a presentation of my compositing workflow, but I used a couple of Adobe products in the process. I'll see if I can figure out how to do it all in Blender.


Oct 15, 2012  ( 5 posts )