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An Immigration Law Attorney Answers Your Immigration FAQ

Immigration law is difficult to understand and can be stressful. Those in need of assistance might benefit significantly from the advice of an expert immigration law attorney. 


To help people through the procedure, this article addresses frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning immigration. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law provides helpful information on all facets of immigration law, from comprehending the fundamentals of US immigration and marriage green cards to learning how to start by knowing what documents to compile.




Clients can successfully navigate the convoluted US immigration system with the assistance of an immigration law attorney. A professional attorney can analyze your case and provide advice on the most suitable solutions for your particular circumstance. They can also offer insight into procedures like applying for visas or accurately submitting papers to government organizations like USCIS.


What Is USCIS?

The federal agency in charge of regulating lawful immigration to the US is the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is a division of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The majority of "immigration benefits," including green cards, naturalization, work permits, travel permits, and others, are approved by USCIS.


What Is A Green Card?


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issues green cards, which verify legal permanent resident status and grant permission to live and work anywhere in the country. However, conditional green cards based on marriage or investment must be updated after the first two years. The majority of green cards must be updated every ten years.


Why Might An Application For A Green Card Be Rejected?


A green card application may be denied by the US government for a number of reasons involving but not limited to mistakes in the required paperwork, a lack of supporting evidence, inadequate financial resources, or a failure to show eligibility.

Marriage Green Card


A qualified immigration law attorney will understand the nuances of US laws regarding marriage-based green cards and can advise applicants on the necessary steps for their success. They have experience submitting a complete application package that meets all government requirements and providing direction on additional steps required by USCIS.


What Is A Marriage Green Card?


Several factors influence how much the marriage green card process costs, how long it takes, and other details. The majority of US citizens and those who have green cards from the US are able to legally sponsor their partners for a green card, also known as permanent resident status.


What Is The Difference Between A Fiancé Visa And A Marriage Visa?


Only US residents living abroad and who plan to marry within 90 days of coming to the country are eligible for the K-1, or "fiancé visa," a temporary visa. Whether they reside in the country or abroad, spouses of US citizens and US green card holders are eligible for marriage green cards, which eventually granted permanent residency.


What Documents Do I Need For A Marriage Green Card?


Depending on the situation, several types of papers may be required for a marriage green card. The couple must, however, generally provide documentation, such as a copy of their marriage license. 


Additionally, they must demonstrate the validity of the union and the sponsoring spouse's financial ability to support the spouse who is applying for permanent residence.

Hiring An Immigration Law Attorney


Having an adept attorney on your side is crucial when negotiating the complexities of immigration law. When deciding whether to apply for a visa or green card, apply for permanent residency, or comprehend deportation regulations. An immigration law attorney will also offer vital direction and counsel. 


Hiring an immigration law attorney may be the best course of action for anyone with issues about their rights and obligations under US immigration rules. This is due to their particular expertise and experience in this area of law.


Verifying that a potential attorney is qualified to offer legal counsel on matters relating to US immigration is the first step in choosing a good attorney. A trustworthy attorney should be well-versed in federal laws controlling entry into the country and state laws that might be relevant in certain circumstances. 


They should also be able to respond to any inquiries you have regarding acquiring visas or other kinds of identification required for establishing permanent residency in the country.


The attorneys at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law are well-equipped to help with any inquiries about visas, green cards, and asylum. They are also equipped to help with deportation proceedings, and other related problems as they have a complete understanding of US immigration laws and procedures.


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