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KIA is a popular car of our time.

I dream to buy a car KiA. It seems to be a simple car, but even in a sub-engineered form looks very neat. And it is currently a very popular brand. There is a sum in the amount of $ 10,000 and for this amount I expect to find a used KIA. Please advise on what criteria need to choose a car, what you need to know. I think to take a master with me when buying, but what if the master will not be able to determine the year, mileage.

Creation date: May 18, 2023 11:16am     Last modified date: May 18, 2023 11:17am   Last visit date: Jun 15, 2024 5:21pm
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May 19, 2023  ( 1 post, 5 replies latest Aug 21, 2023 )  
Cam Thanh (tientrivutru360)

Check the number of kilometers traveled on the car. A low number of kilometers usually indicates less wear and tear, but other factors need to be considered. For example, a car with high mileage but a complete maintenance history and regular servicing can still be a good choice.

Tulula Tingue (starincrystal)

On average, a car travels 15-16 thousand kilometers a year, knowing the year of manufacture, it will not be difficult to calculate its mileage. But mileage is not the most important criterion. You were correctly written that if the car was regularly serviced, then it is not afraid of high mileage.

Ryxona Ryxona (ryxona)

Refer to a trusted car sales website, , for information and advice. Inspect the vehicle carefully, paying attention to its condition and possible damage. Check the body for rust, dents, scratches, and other defects. Also note the condition of the tires and wheels. Check that you have all the necessary documents, such as the technical passport, registration certificate, insurance, etc. Also make sure that the seller has the right to sell the car.

Frederick Bay (nirvana09)

Thanks for the recommendations. As a girl it would be very difficult for me to determine the mileage as well as the age of the engine. I went through your link and I need to think hard and take a mechanic with a car service acquaintance. If it is used, it must be repairable, usually all used cars have the same problem, running and steering.) Thanks for the link anyway.

Mauricio Jack (mauriciojack)

They are amazing cars, I have never had the opportunity to buy one but I have seen many videos, information on my own and others that confirm that they are great cars, I suppose that if you can not determine all that you will have a few problems, to save all that trouble You can go to the site that Ryxona Ryxona recommends, where you can find out all that information and much more.

Sharni Lomaso (uegsbotlmulcxcyrnp)

Kia has gained popularity in recent years due to its combination of appealing design, competitive pricing, improved build quality, and a focus on technology and features. The brand has successfully repositioned itself from being seen as a budget option to offering vehicles with stylish aesthetics, advanced safety systems, and user-friendly infotainment. Additionally, Kia's emphasis on warranties and reliability has bolstered consumer confidence. With a diverse lineup that includes SUVs, sedans, and electric vehicles, Kia has effectively captured a broad range of market segments, contributing to its current popularity in the automotive industry.

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