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Javanese is such a complicated language !

Friends have heard of the Javanese language. Javanese is more complex than Russian or even English. English inherently has many meanings. Javanese is the official language of the people living in Indonesia, particularly on the island of Java (hence the name of the language). Javanese is divided into three levels and these levels correspond to people of different ages! I want to know more about the language and the island of Java. There is a video only in the Javanese language, can you help me translate it?

Creation date: Jun 17, 2023 4:10am     Last modified date: Jun 17, 2023 4:11am   Last visit date: May 22, 2024 11:03am
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Jun 17, 2023  ( 4 posts )  
Patrik Bateman (patrik_bate)

Javanese is indeed a fascinating language, known for its complexity and rich cultural heritage. It is the official language of the people residing in Indonesia, particularly on the island of Java, from which it derives its name. The Javanese language holds a significant place in Indonesian society and is spoken by millions of people.

Christopher Walker (christopher33)

If you need to translate a video from Javanese to English, then using the Vidby service can help you with this task. It is a top AI-powered service that offers automatic video translation in various languages. Firstly, it is a fast and convenient way to receive a translation without having to hire professional translators or expect long lead times. You can upload videos to Vidby platform and get automatic English translation in a short time.

Diana Granat (granatdiana451)

Try using online translation platforms and services such as Google Translate or YandexThese services can provide basic automatic translation that can be helpful for general understanding of video contentLook for language specialists who work with JavaneseSome freelance platforms may offer translators and linguists who specialize in rare languagesincluding Javanese.

Cam Thanh (tientrivutru360)

The Javanese language has a complex phonological system with various forms of context and different levels of politeness. It also possesses a rich vocabulary and grammar. Due to its diversity and richness, Javanese is often regarded as one of the languages that highly reflects the culture and traditions of Java.