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Best 5 Solar Charge Controllers of 2023

Creation date: Oct 19, 2023 1:12am     Last modified date: Oct 19, 2023 1:12am   Last visit date: Jul 20, 2024 3:53am
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Oct 19, 2023  ( 1 post )  
Wang Meihong (chenluseo)

 It is essential that you select the right solar charge controller if you intend to install solar panels on your home or office. As per the name, a solar charge controller is used to control and regulate the energy coming from the solar panels in order for the energy to be stored in batteries, which will help to make the system more efficient. Because these are so important, we have provided you with some of the Best Solar Charge Controllers in this article.

The following factors should be considered before buying a solar charge controller:
  • Maximum Current: Depending on the model of solar charge controller, you will get a different current rating, which indicates how much current it can handle. While some solar charge controllers can handle up to 20A, better models can handle up to 40A.
  • Voltage Rating: A solar charge controller can be of two types, namely 12V or 24V. There are other voltages out there, but these two are the majority. This is also true for the batteries you will use to store electricity. Therefore, ensure that your solar charge controller will be compatible with both 12V and 24V batteries.
  • Warranty: As solar panels keep working for a very, very long time, they are considered highly reliable. As a result, you might expect the solar charge controller to last as well. Fortunately, most solar charge controllers come with a 1 year or longer warranty.
In spite of these factors being quite important, there is still much more to learn about solar charge controllers in general. For this reason, we have included all of the details, such as the features and options of the various solar charge controllers.

1.40A MPPT Charge Controller 12/24V Auto

40A MPPT Charge Controller
This Helios-ne 40A MPPT Charge Controller is a bargain-priced MPPT controller that maximizes the energy output from your solar panels with its software algorithm. With adjustable settings, this charge controller can be fine-tuned to a particular battery manufacturer's algorithm for flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid (AGM), gel and lithium batteries.

In addition to providing all system information, an LCD display also displays the battery temperature, the battery voltage, and the amps, volts, and solar voltage on the system. Featuring electronic protection against overvoltage, reverse polarity, overcurrent, excessive temperature, and short circuits, the TrakMax is made of virgin PC and ABS plastic. Fast sweeping controllers optimize maximum power points in a short period of time, allowing up to 98 percent efficiency to be achieved.

If your solar system is located in a difficult place to reach, an optional remote monitor that can be mounted up to 20 feet away from the controller can be added separately as an additional feature. This is especially useful if your solar system is located in a difficult location to reach. The wireless communication adapter (Bluetooth) can be connected to your smartphone or tablet by downloading a free application that allows you to sync it up.

2.EEEkit Solar Charge Controller

EEEkit Solar Charge Controller
You can also check out EEEkit and their solar products if you're looking for an affordable solar charge controller with good performance.

Their 30A Solar Charge Controller is designed for both 12V and 24V systems and various lead-acid battery types. It comes with two USB ports for charging your mobile devices, making it convenient.

This controller offers reliable protection against issues like over-current, short-circuits, reverse connection, and low voltage. It's equipped with an industrial microcontroller and an easy-to-read LCD display for smart control and monitoring. The setup is easy with just one button, and clear instructions are included.

You can trust our product, as we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty for quality-related problems. Choose our solar charge controller for effective and dependable solar system management.

3.Rich Solar  Solar Charge Controller

Rich Solar  Solar Charge Controller
Rich Solar, known for its top-performing products. This means their solar charge controller is a great choice if you want high performance.

The Rich Solar Charge Controller is one of the best options in this article, and it doesn't come with a high price tag. Unlike some other high-performance models, it doesn't have remote monitoring. However, it does offer an excellent maximum current rating of 40A.
Like other high-performance solar charge controllers, it works with both 12V and 24V solar panels. To access its details, you can use the display on the front. Besides its high performance, it's also highly reliable, thanks to its 2-year warranty.

4.Victron Energy SmartSolar 30 Amp MPPT

Victron Energy SmartSolar 30 Amp MPPT
Based in the Netherlands, Victron Energy is a global leader in power electronics, specializing in producing equipment for off-grid and stand-alone power systems. With 45 years of experience, Victron is known for its high-quality devices that incorporate the latest technology.

The SmartSolar 30 Amp MPPT controller is designed to optimize solar energy capture, efficiently recharging batteries while safeguarding their health and longevity. This charge controller can even replenish batteries with voltages as low as zero, provided the cells are not damaged or permanently sulfated.

Victron sets itself apart with its advanced system monitoring, featuring built-in Bluetooth connectivity for easy programming and configuration. It also offers remote firmware updates that introduce additional features and options. While some users may miss having a display, the controller excels in fast and precise MPPT tracking, robust construction, and V.E. smart networking capabilities. Additionally, Victron provides online training courses on MPPT controllers and other solar installation information (free registration is required).

5.Depvko Solar Charger Controller

Depvko Solar Charger Controller
If you're looking for a high-performance solar controller, you might want to consider Depvko and their products. They offer excellent performance and a range of features for users.

Our upgraded solar panel controller is designed to efficiently manage solar panels and batteries in 12V/24V solar systems. It comes with an industrial microcontroller that automatically regulates the charging process and remembers user-set parameters. Additionally, it includes dual USB outputs for charging mobile devices and offers protection against overcurrent, short-circuits, reverse connection, low voltage, and overcharge to ensure safety.

The LCD display provides status updates and data, making it suitable for use in various settings, including homes, industrial setups, and commercial environments. We back our controller with a 12-month warranty and offer lifetime technical support. It's specifically designed for lead-acid batteries and features 3-stage PWM charge management and dual MOSFET reverse current protection, enhancing battery life and system efficiency.

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Charge Controller

You can use solar panels to get clean and green electricity for your home and office, which can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. You can also save a great deal on your power bills if you use solar panels. Before you can start using a solar panel, you will also need other companion devices and accessories like a solar charge controller.

In this article, we have discussed the best solar charge controllers. Despite all of their major features and options, you might still be confused. In that case, you need this solar charge controller buying guide. You will learn how to choose the right one by looking at the following points:

1.Maximum Current

If you want to ensure your solar charge controller can handle high-load appliances and understand its performance better, start by checking its maximum current rating. The maximum current rating indicates the highest amount of electricity your solar charge controller can handle. Basic models typically support 10 to 20 amps of maximum current, while more advanced ones can manage up to 30 or even 40 amps without any issues.

2.Voltage Rating

While the voltage rating may not directly affect performance, it plays a crucial role in ensuring compatibility. It's essential to check the voltage rating of your solar charge controller to make sure it suits your specific needs. Different solar panels and battery setups operate at different voltage levels, mainly 12-volt and 24-volt systems. Fortunately, the solar charge controllers mentioned in this article are versatile and compatible with both 12-volt and 24-volt setups.