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Daniel R. Weiner, Esq Assists You In Creating A Will

Making a last will is vital to estate planning, and you should know how to do it. So, if you want to make a will that is clear and legally binding, you should work with Daniel R. Weiner Esq.


A lawyer can help you write the paper and clear up anything confusing. In this article, you will learn the importance of having a will in California and how Weiner Law can assist you with the process.


Attorney Daniel R. Weiner Protects Your Assets

Daniel Weiner is a licensed attorney who offers trust administration and estate planning services to families in California. Daniel helps clients deal with complex financial and legal issues to establish plans that protect their families. 


When protecting your assets, having a trusted attorney can make all the difference. With years of experience in estate planning and probate law, the lawyer knows how to safeguard your property. One of the critical ways that Weiner helps their clients protect their assets is by creating comprehensive estate plans. Daniel can create solutions to minimize tax liabilities and divide your assets according to your objectives.


Furthermore, if you're facing a dispute over an estate or trust after the passing of a loved one, Weiner has extensive litigation experience. The skilled team at Weiner Law can also assist you in drafting the last will and resolving any ambiguities that may arise. But before you create one, you need to understand what a last will is and why you need it.


What Is A Last Will?

A last will is a lawful document made by a person that says who gets what from their assets when they die. Assets can include any property they accumulated while they were living. In line with this, if you die intestate, the probate court decides how to divide your belongings. In this case, intestate succession rules will determine how to split the assets.


In addition to providing instructions for the distribution of assets after death, a last will provide additional benefits to the testator. For instance, a will can appoint a guardian for minor children. It ensures that the requirements of the children are met. Additionally, the executor is responsible for carrying out the deceased's wishes and ensuring the beneficiaries receive their inheritance. 


When creating a will in San Diego, you can choose from several wills depending on your situation.


Attested Wills

In California, a will that has been attested or witnessed is called "self-proving." The will had a clause signed by the witness. Attested wills are usually written by a California estate attorney and signed in front of two or three witnesses.



Attest is another word for a pour-over will. It includes a phrase or clauses that give the decedent's property to their revocable trust. If the pour-over can prove itself, it can be accepted to probate without the witnesses to its signing having to testify.



Holographic wills are written by the deceased. California probate law does not require witnesses for will execution. Holographic will not need notarization. A witness must verify a holographic will's handwriting to probate it. Witnesses must know the testator and their handwriting.



You must sign a statutory will in front of at least two witnesses. These wills are written forms where you fill in the blanks. A statutory will can prove itself and includes the necessary statement made under penalty of perjury.


Working with a qualified attorney who can guide you is essential no matter what type of will you decide on. Without a lawyer, your will could be contested or rejected. It could make your mourning loved ones feel worse.



Weiner is an attorney in San Diego who focuses on trust administration and estate planning services for California families. Weiner has extensive litigation experience and can assist in drafting last wills and resolving ambiguities. A last will is a lawful document that instructs the distribution of assets after death, including property or debts.


California has several wills, including attested, pour-over, holographic, and statutory. Working with a qualified attorney is crucial to avoid contested or rejected wills, which can negatively impact grieving loved ones.


Weiner Law is your probate advocate in San Diego, CA. Our probate attorneys are committed to achieving a seamless and efficient resolution for your estate matters. 


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