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Exploring The Old Globe Theatre As It Inspires Creativity

The performing arts have long been important in society, captivating audiences and inspiring cultural enrichment. At the heart of this vibrant tradition stands the Old Globe Theatre, a renowned theatre. 


The theatre houses a Tony Award-winning theater company that has been enchanting audiences for over 80 years. This institution continues to shape the theatrical landscape by producing approximately plays and musicals yearly. 


As San Diego's flagship arts institution, they captivate audiences. They also serve as a testament to the enduring power of live performance in our modern world. See how the theatre has shaped itself through time until now. 

The History Behind The Old Globe Theatre


Dedicated to the preservation, fortification, and progression of American theatre, they uphold a mission that resonates with its artistic endeavors. They aim to spread the magic of theater and demonstrate how it can make a difference in people's lives. 


By spreading the transformative power of theater, they aim to touch hearts and minds while fostering meaningful conversations. Their purpose is to demonstrate to all that theater surpasses mere entertainment. 


To them, theatre is a potent force that enhances our lives and inspires contemplation of the world. A historic theatre was built as part of the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. 


Designed by Richard Requa, he took inspiration from the grandeur of the Globe Theatre in England. This brought to life the spirit of Shakespearean plays that had enchanted audiences for centuries. 


During the exposition, this magnificent stage featured condensed 50-minute versions of Shakespeare's timeless works, captivating visitors with the magic of live performances. The overwhelming success of the Globe-inspired theater prompted the formation of the San Diego Community Theatre. 


This nonprofit organization is dedicated to saving the temporary structure from demolition. The passionate committee took charge through a lease agreement with the city. They produced full-length plays and transformed the theater into a more permanent venue.

Behind The Curtains


The current Old Globe is now a quaint theater that can hold up to 580 spectators at once located in Balboa Park. Its productions and programming frequently get positive reviews. 


The theater takes pride in presenting a wide variety of performances, including both beloved classics and cutting-edge modern works. Moreover, they understand the importance of tailoring their plays to different audiences, with productions catered for children and adults alike.


Beyond their stage performances, they actively engage with the community through various educational initiatives. By introducing new audiences to both the joy of theatergoing and the creative process itself, the "Globe for All programs" act as a bridge. 


Free classes and workshops are held in conjunction with their Community Partners. They enable people to produce their theatrical art in their communities by educating them. 


With an unwavering commitment to fostering artistic expression, the Old Globe's Arts Engagement Department invites fellow San Diegans to explore the world of theater. They seek to inspire creativity in everyone they come into contact with by engaging with every aspect of their institution. 


Through the power of the performing arts, they act as a catalyst, opening doors for community unification. The building is still a cherished cultural institution, ingrained in California's artistic heritage.




There is a significant building in American theater history located in Balboa Park in San Diego. The Tony Award-winning theater company that has enthralled audiences has called the theater home for more than 80 years. 


They create a wide range of works with the goal to uphold and advance theater.  The theater actively engages the community through educational programs in addition to its stage productions. 


It aims to expose new audiences to the transformative power of theater and encourage individual creativity across the age spectrum. As a pillar of the culture, they inspire and ignite the imagination, influencing California's artistic legacy.


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