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RGBIC LED Strip Light: The Ultimate Guide



The RGBIC led strip lights are becoming increasingly popular in the market. However, many customers still don't know much about them. Here, we will provide you with a detailed introduction to these led strips.

RGBIC led strip introduction

Consequently, RGBIC led strip lights, or built-in IC led strip lights, are a higher level of RGB strip lights. They have the same color options, more than 16 million colors, as RGB and RGBW strip lights. They come with a built-in independent chip that allows them to be controlled individually and display a rainbow-like, running, and hosing lighting effect.

RGBIC LED strips: How do you control them?

1. Control RGBI led strips via a phone


The RGB led strip can be controlled through your smartphone if you use a wifi controller, such as the SP108E.


2. Remote control of RGB LED strips


Choosing a sample controller and controlling the RGB led strip light remotely is more cost-effective for home DIY applications. It is simple and compact, but it is powerful and you can always get the light effect you need with this cheap controller.


3. RGBIC led strips can be controlled through SD cards


Customers are more likely to choose a controller with an SD card, such as the K-1000C or K-8000C, for a project.


RGBI led strip light mode is stored in the SD card, you can just press the button to change it.


Additionally, this type of controller is more stable and allows you to connect more led strips than those using wifi or simple controllers.


4. Computer control of RGB LED strips


A high-end project usually requires a more complicated controller system in order to control all LED strips in the system. Please see the connections below:

Which RGBIC LED strips are most popular?

The advanced features and versatility of RGBIC LED light strips have made them extremely popular. Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights are renowned for their individually addressable LEDs, which enable dynamic color changes and precise control through smartphone apps and voice commands. LIFX Z LED Strips also offer vibrant colors and seamless integration with popular smart home platforms. Featuring RGBIC technology and compatibility with Nanoleaf's ecosystem, Nanoleaf's Essentials Lightstrip offers immersive lighting experiences. With its entertainment-oriented design, Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip provides captivating effects that synchronize with on-screen content. Ideal for decorating for holidays, twinkly LED Light Strings feature music synchronization and customizable patterns. With technology constantly evolving, the market for RGBIC LED light strips is expected to grow further, allowing consumers to customize their lighting experiences in their homes and businesses more effectively. RGBIC LED light strips offer a versatile and dynamic lighting solution for a variety of applications, whether accentuating architectural features, setting a mood, or adding flair to special events.

How do RGBIC and RGBW differ?

Red, Green, Blue, Independent Control (RGBIC) and RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) are two types of LED lighting systems, each with its own features and capabilities.


Red, Green, Blue, Independent Control (RGBIC):


Typical RGBIC LED lighting systems consist of red, green, and blue LEDs that can each be controlled independently.


The LEDs can produce a wide range of colors independently, so they can mix colors more precisely and produce dynamic color-changing effects.


The RGBIC technology allows for smoother transitions between colors and more complex lighting patterns, making it the ideal technology for immersive lighting.


A RGBIC system does not have a dedicated white LED, but it can still produce white light by mixing red, green, and blue LEDs.




Red, Green, Blue, White:


In RGBW LED lighting systems, each LED module contains red, green, blue, and dedicated white LEDs.


White LEDs allow for a broader range of color temperatures, including cooler and warmer whites, as well as pastel shades.


Lighting applications requiring accurate white light are particularly well-suited to RGBW systems.


RGBW systems produce high-quality white light and are often preferred for applications requiring precise color renditions despite the limited color options they offer compared to RGBIC systems. Get more info about led strip manufacturer.


There are two main differences between RGBIC and RGBW LED lighting systems: their control and the addition of a white LED. Red, green, and blue LEDs are independently controlled in RGBIC systems for dynamic color effects, while white LEDs are separately controlled in RGBW systems for accurate white light production as well as color mixing. The two systems have distinct advantages and are suited to different lighting applications depending on the color rendering requirements.

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