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Tourist Attractions in Nimes - Shopping, Nightlife and Accommodation


Nimes is a little town in southern France. This town has a history around the time of Roman Empire. This town provides a glimpse into past and present together with many artifacts and sculptures which dated back to Roman Era. This town is a popular tourist destination and tourists from all over the globe come here to appreciate its beauty.


Tourist Attractions:


This amphitheater was constructed during the Roman age and has been used chiefly to take out public actions. Construction of the building happened around 1st or 2nd century AD. Now, this amphitheater can be utilized for bull fighting occasions and for festivals.


Maison Carrée:


It's a little Roman Square which has been a place of worship in ancient times. This is only one of the finest Roman temples maintained up to now. Visitors can view a brief movie here that informs about the attractions in Nimes.


Jardins de la Fontaine:


It's a park which has quite a few fountains and it's found around the early Roman remains of those theme.


Pont du Gard:


It's a little water source channel that's used for irrigation and watering of crops.


Mont Cavalier:


It's a neighboring Roman tower that was a significant Roman construction in early times.


Nimea Cathedral:


It's that the Roman Catholic Cathedral, That's dedicated to Virgin Mary. This cathedral was thought to be the chair of the Bishop.


Musée des Beaux-Arts p Nimes:


It's the museum, that's famed for its arts. This was constructed in 1821 and was initially located in Maison Carrée and subsequently altered to Square de la Mandragore on rue de la Cité Foulc at 1907. This tradition mainly houses the artifacts and antiques.


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