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Some of the Places to See When You Travel to Cusco City


Peru is an extraordinary country that has an intriguing history that has been continued by its people for thousands of years. New energy and culture mixes together with this ancient society to form a very interesting place. One favorite is Cusco, which is located in the mountain range of the Andes in Peru.


Cusco's history can be attributed the ancient Inca empire. The city was built in the shape of a puma, which was thought to be sacred to the Incas. Even today, Cusco is an exciting place and center for culture in Peru. If you are planning on travelling to Peru, I recommend you plan to visit this spectacular city.


When visiting Cusco, don't miss out on taking a stroll through the city's magical streets. You can explore the stones built by the Incas that are made into specific shapes and all mysteriously fit together. Within the stones, you can find the sacred puma located near the twelve angle stone. Get more info about Places to see in cusco city.


A visit to Cusco is not complete until you visit the many historical monuments. The city is built on the what the Incas constructed, which still remains after so many years. The mixture of this amazing history with the more current architecture is both beautiful and fascinating.


One of my favorite monuments is the Plaza de Armas. This plaza is considered to be the main town square. The Plaza de Armas also combines history with modern restaurants and stores, and makes for a very interesting experience. This is really a magical energetic town center, and is a great place for observing the vast culture of Peru.


Approximately 1 mile away from Cusco you can visit Sacsayhuaman. These historic ruins were once the main headquarters and fortress for the Inca civilization. Sacsayhuaman offers a stunning view of the city and valley due to its location on top of a steep hill.


Of course you can't miss touring the Sacred Valley. This is a one day tour that is really worthwhile and inexpensive. The tour will take you to see the Chinchero plaza, church and ruins, the traditional market of Pisac, and the Ollantaytambo village and Inca ruins.


Peru is truly a delightful place to visit. The city of Cusco has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, food, and beautiful nature. There is so much to do and see, and it is always a very interesting and inspiring experience.


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