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ATYS Introduces New Eco-Friendly Line of Toothbrush That Does Not Compromise Design or Quality

September, 2021 -- Now you can help protect and save the environment while keeping your teeth clean and maintaining your oral hygiene. ATYS has recently launched new environmentally sustainable oral care products, including the company’s novel modular aluminum toothbrushes with replaceable head made from a bio-based material that is a perfect alternative for plastic.


In the United States, almost 1 billion toothbrushes end up in landfills annually and the number of discarded toothbrushes at a global scale is inestimable. And while there are already several eco-friendly products out in the market, a lot of users often complain that these products lack quality, durability, and aesthetics. Ironically, most eco-friendly products today have an image that is far from premium.


“Sustainable design not only needs to reduce the negative impact on the planet but also to encourage more consumers to use sustainable products by providing excellent quality and design,” states Sophia Hyun, Founder of ATYS.


“ATYS is redefining manual toothbrushes that let you stop throwing plastic into landfills without sacrificing a healthy smile. Our mission is to set a new standard for oral care: one based on clinical effectiveness, quality and sustainable materials, as well as exceptional design,” Sophia adds.


ATYS toothbrush offers an alternative to consumers who are looking for an ecofriendly toothbrush that does not forgo aesthetics. The new toothbrush design offers an attractive premium. Boasting an aluminum handle with a replaceable brush head, this new design aims to reduce environmental pollution while maintaining style and self-respect.


“I have been looking for a replacement for the endless amount of plastic toothbrushes I throw away. I don't use an electric toothbrush either. Love the premium eco-friendly toothbrush,” Nick Callaghen says, who has already tried the new product.


After 2 years of meticulous research and design by a team of dentists and designers, the revolutionary ATYS toothbrush has been engineered to excel in clinical performance. Every toothbrush is made of a slim aluminum handle,a replaceable biodegradable head, and an aluminum holder. Its ergonomic design means it can last a lifetime. The replaceable brush head is designed to float when the handle is laid on the sink.


“The replaceable brush head and reusable handle are made to reduce waste up to 70% less plastic than in replacing a regular manual toothbrush. The toothbrush holder’s drainage hole allows water to drain freely, which provides air circulation between handle and holder,” Sophia explains.


Currently, ATYS offers two types of brush heads engineered by dentists with years of experience in the industry. The first one is a Double Layered model designed for efficient plaque removal and the other one is the Ultra Soft model, ideal for those with sensitive gums.


The new and revolutionary design of the ATYS toothbrush aims to provide an environmentally sustainable solution while maximizing oral hygiene. ATYS Eco-friendly aluminum toothbrush was the winner of the 2021 Red Dot and IF DESIGN AWARD 2021; both are prestigious international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts.


The ATYS toothbrush design even managed to draw high commendation from the jury at the Red Dot award: “The ATYS Eco-Toothbrush stands out with its environmentally responsible concept that combines a high standard of oral hygiene with a striking and elegant aesthetic.”


Please go to the link below for more information and check out our toothbrush image




ATYS was founded by Sophia Hyun, out of her Boston home in 2018. When looking into everyday plastic toothbrush use, Sophia was appalled by the number of harmful plastic toothbrushes people were throwing away into our landfills. While she tried using environmentally sustainable toothbrushes in the market, she was not able to find a toothbrush that has decent bristles with a beautiful design. Sophia undertook extensive research with a team of dentists to create a sustainable toothbrush that excels in bristle technology while uplifting the bathroom atmosphere. In order to maintain quality control, manufacture is done in South Korea because it has been renowned for its toothbrush bristles technology. Sophia strives to encourage more consumers to use sustainable products by breaking the stereotypes on environmentally safe products.



Sophia Hyun


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