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Lorenzo Primiterra Aims to Make Bitcoin Easy for Gen X and Baby Boomers

It's Never Too Late to Learn About New Technology That Can Give You Financial Freedom


(Lisbon, Portugal, December) "Hey Mom, I Bought Bitcoin" is a comprehensive guide that explains complex Bitcoin topics to Gen X and Baby Boomers in a straightforward manner.


The book begins by looking into the history of money. Then, the author explains some of Bitcoin's fundamentals, breaking it down into more digestible chunks exploring why Bitcoin was created, why it works, and the reasons it may not work alongside a section that investigates its circular relationship between supply and demand. Here is a preview of the contents:


  • Foreword
  • Let’s Keep It Simple
  • History of Money
  • What Is Bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin’s Creation
  • Why Was It Created?
  • How It Works
  • Bitcoin’s Value: The Supply
  • Bitcoin’s Value: The Demand
  • Bitcoin as an Investment
  • Paying in Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin and the Governments
  • Most Common Criticism
  • Bitcoin and Criminality
  • Bitcoin and Freedom
  • Will Bitcoin Work?
  • Why Bitcoin Will Work
  • Why Bitcoin Won’t Work
  • Bitcoin and the World
  • Future Perspectives
  • Alternative Coins
  • What To Do Now?


The book also discusses why people should consider bitcoin as an asset and weighs the pros and cons. Last but not least, it will prompt the readers to figure out their next move if they are looking to get involved with Bitcoin!


"I would recommend this book to everyone, which explains bitcoin in simple terms using a lexicon within everyone's reach and examples that make the concepts clear." – commented Fabio, a reader. He found the guide to be helpful.


So, there is no doubt that our moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and grandparents can explore the fascinating world of Bitcoin and grasp the technical know-how easily with zero technical knowledge.


Jacopo acknowledged the book as a beginner's guide to Bitcoin and future investments for anyone who wants to start from scratch. He wrote, "Fundamental for anyone who wants to understand, learn or invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency."


Moreover, the book doesn't overwhelm you with industry jargon that does not make sense to an outsider. Mary, a reader on Amazon, loved it because she could start her Bitcoin journey without worrying about mind-numbing jargon or technical details. She wrote: "I'm not a mom, but my knowledge of crypto was close to 0 before reading Lorenzo's Book. I was done with the book in a few hours. It's easy to read. Start your crypto journey today!"


For more information on the book, please visit:




Lorenzo Primiterra is a digital nomad who loves traveling the world and testing new technologies. He made his first Bitcoin transaction in 2011 partly for fun, then didn't bother much about it.


Later, he observed the significant impact that Bitcoin could have in the corporate and banking world and jumped into studying cryptocurrency projects that engineers aim to bring into the world. Finally, he realized that cryptocurrency is the latest revolution in the global economy that one cannot avoid.


This book is his first published work to increase awareness about Bitcoin, even for those who have just heard of it.


Media Contact:


Contact Name: Lorenzo Primiterra
Phone Number: +393405031306

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