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Which Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower Should You Choose to Clean Your Garden?

Maintaining a garden is a job that must be done regularly, especially when it comes to removing dead leaves and other plant debris. For this, you need a leaf blower vacuum mulcher. This device is increasingly popular with gardeners. Must say contains many assets. First, there is the fact that it is very effective in keeping your garden clean by removing dead leaves and other plant debris. At the same time, this is a device that saves time in the maintenance of your garden. The leaf vacuum mulcher blower is also easy to use. If you are going to buy this device, be careful not to get involved in any way. To choose the right leaf blower vacuum mulcher, you need to take into account several criteria. Plus, we've made your choice easy by presenting you with the best leaf blower vacuum mulchers of 2022.


Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher and Blower Reviews


Skil 0796AA leaf vacuum mulcher



The Skil 0796AA leaf blower vacuum mulcher is equipped with a powerful 3000 W motor. This allows you to remove plant debris and dead leaves very quickly thanks to the fan speed from 150 to 270 km/h. In addition, its 13 m3 per minute suction volume can suck up a large amount of debris in record time. Note that the airflow is adjustable to use this vacuum mulcher comfortably.


In addition, it is a very maneuverable garden tool with swivel wheels, a convenient handle and a shoulder strap. It can easily navigate difficult terrains and avoid obstacles, which is also the case with the Bosch Universal Garden Tidy. This unit is also multifunctional as it can act as both a vacuum mulcher and a blower. You just need to invert the switch to select the desired function. Its bag also has a capacity of 45 liters to reduce the number of trips to empty it.


Einhell GC-EL 2500 E  leaf blower vacuum mulcher


The Einhell GC-EL 2500 E Leaf Blower is a very powerful device for picking up dead leaves and plant debris. With a capacity of 2,500 W, it saves you time when cleaning the garden. Thanks to the power converter, the ideal fan power and speed can be selected. In addition, this vacuum mulcher can vacuum in gardens and hard-to-reach places.


This is thanks to its two guide rollers and its convenient handle. Its 3.13 kg weight also facilitates its transport. You can quickly switch from the suction function to the blowing function very quickly. In addition, its adjustable strap makes its use very comfortable. This leaf blower is also equipped with a 40 liter collection bag. As a result, it can hold a large amount of plant waste and reduce the frequency of dumping.


Black + Decker GW3030-QS leaf vacuum mulcher



The Black + Decker GW3030-QS leaf vacuum mulcher offers real user comfort with its lightweight of 4.8 kg. This makes it possible to use it with little effort and without feeling its weight too much. Its convenient handle also makes it very easy to use. In addition, this garden tool combines suction and blower functions for greater efficiency. You can switch from one function to another quickly.


The good performance of this blower vacuum is also ensured by its powerful 3000 W motor. Its variable speed also makes the use of this unit much more flexible. With a large suction capacity of 14 m3, this vacuum mulcher makes it easy to remove wet and stubborn leaves. This model is also equipped with a 50-liter nylon bag. This makes it possible for you to cut back on commuting trips to empty it. The integrated strap also facilitates the transport of its recovery bag.


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How to choose a leaf blower vacuum mulcher?


When buying a leaf vacuum mulcher with blower, you need to keep a few criteria in mind:




The capacity of leaf blowers varies between models, as is the case with pressure washers. This varies between 700 W and 3000W depending on whether it is electrical or gasoline. If you want to buy a high-performance leaf blower, it is better if its capacity is high. For electric blower vacuum mulchers, a power of at least 2,500 W should be selected. While for gas blower vacuums, a power of at least 50 cm3 should be preferred. In addition, it is advisable to choose a leaf blower with a variable speed to optimize the power of the device.


Capacity of the bag


Choosing the right dust bag size will save you effort. It must be said that the capacity of the bag of this vacuum mulcher ranges from 30 to 50 liters. If you choose a smaller bag capacity, you will have to make multiple round trips to empty the bag. This is why it is better to choose a bag with a larger capacity. This will allow you to significantly reduce the frequency of emptying the bag. Prefer a bulky but sturdy bag. Dust bags should be made of strong and durable materials.


Gas or electric


You should know that your leaf blower vacuum mulcher can be either gas or electric. Gas leaf blower: This series has the advantage of being much more powerful. It has good battery life and can go anywhere without any worries. However, this type of blower is a bit more expensive. Electric leaf blower: This series can be powered by electricity or run on batteries. In the first case, it must be plugged into an electrical outlet for it to work. It is very efficient and perfect for garden maintenance. The battery-powered model offers more comfort in use.


Types of leaf blowers


There are several types of leaf blowers. Leaf blower with wheels: Distinguished by its ability to move easily thanks to wheels. This model is very practical and allows to simplify the work for the user. The leaf blower on wheels is more suitable for large areas. Leaf Blower with Harness: This leaf blower is also very practical and allows the weight of the unit to be supported by the harness. Hand-held leaf vacuum mulcher: Has the advantage of being less bulky. In addition, it is a lightweight leaf vacuum mulcher. You will love using it to maintain your garden.


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These are devices that help optimize the performance of a leaf blower. There are several that may be of use to you. The jerry can: It is especially recommended for those who use gas leaf vacuum mulchers. This accessory allows you to have a reserve of gasoline by your side. Gutter set: This long, curved hose makes gutter cleaning easier. Anti-Vibration System: It reduces device vibration as well as discomfort. Coil: An extension that allows you to enlarge the operating area of ​​the leaf blower. It is also known as a garden extender.



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Which Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower Should You Choose to Clean Your Garden?