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Silk Maison Introduces Elegant & Timeless Day & Night Wear of 2022

[New York, USA]: Silk Maison today announced elegant and classy ready-to-wear, daywear, nightwear, winter, and party collections made from 100% mulberry silk. So, the silk outfits are skin-friendly, hair-friendly, eco-friendly, and comfortable to wear in bed. Moreover, ready-to-wear silk dresses come in timeless designs, awakening women's feminine and mysterious side.


"I would like to point out that this brand, Silk Maison is quite different from other silk websites I experienced in the past. They have a beautiful selection of silk dresses," said Lina Berd, a leading Instagram Influencer of our time, "You will find not only neutral models' classic models with neutral shades but also a lot of different and usual designs and prints."


All a woman's skin wants is love, and Silk Maison understands that.


  • The Daywear and Nightwear are comfortable and breathable, perfect for everyday use. It prevents the buildup of allergens and balances the natural moisture of the skin.


  • The silk Nightwear helps the body relax, making it easier to fall asleep, and provides the skin with much-needed comfort. Silk is good sleepwear both for home and holidays as it feels gentle on the body.


  • Silk is produced by silkworms making it an environment-friendly material. It is biodegradable and causes no harm whatsoever to our ecosystem. In addition, silk takes less time, water, and chemicals to manufacture than other fibers.


  • Our silk outfits are natural temperature regulators and can retain heat. It also expels excess heat if you feel too warm, helping your body maintain a raw temperature all year round. In addition, our silk dresses outlast the weather and make for perfect everyday wear!


Silk Maison collections are affordable for all budgets starting from $89 to $240. Our prices are transparent, and there are no hidden fees.


"Silk is a notoriously expensive material, so it's no wonder that Silk Maison is praised for its transparent pricing. The company also has a growing group of online supporters, boasting over 35.7k followers on Instagram, where it regularly displays its garments on models and influencers from around the globe."- Honest Brand Reviews For more information on Daywear, Night Wear, Winter, and Party collections, visit


About Silk Maison:


SILK MAISON aims to please the customers in enhancing their life-wear with luxurious silk, beautifully paired with elegant designs and captivating cuts.


Alluring and exquisite, we feel so proud that the customers will enjoy an effortless look filled with glamor!


Like a fine piece of music that starts slowly then swells to a grand crescendo at its climax, designers know how every bit of detail is essential! So, we match every stitch carefully while sketching out possibilities and bring them to fruition with the delicate touch of our master craftsmen.


We want our customers to experience this beautiful artistry every day by creating soft, silky, and fashionable fabrics that flatter all body types.



Name: Miao Yu
Title: Head of Social Media

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