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New Year’s Gift for Muslim Women: Halal Ever After by Randa Taha

Muslim women looking to improve their relationships and sex have a newly published book as a New Year's gift. A guide for millennial and gen Z Muslims, Halal Ever After by TikTok personality Randa Taha, i shelping readers deal with social media, relationships, and sexual matters.


Describing how she came up with the idea, Randa Taha was intrigued by the fact that in the beginning, everyone is excited about a lovely couple getting married, and then, their marriage is in trouble, and they are getting a divorce. Taha wanted to understand why this was happening, so she created a TikTok account where she was privileged to share the stories of women worldwide and the problems they face in marriage and their relationships.


“What started as a moment of curiosity led to months of research and writing, then a book, Halal Ever After,” said Taha adding that Messy Tiktok gave rise to one of the most valuable Islamic books for Muslim women.


The TikTok personality is taking it to the next level with Halal Ever After, a guidebook on marriage for millennials and generation Z. Randa Taha aims to help the Muslim girls in all aspects of marriage, intimacy, and finding their Halal Ever After. In the relationship book, she offers invaluable support and insight into various topics, including:


  • Social media
  • Sex
  • Do’s and don’ts for those committed to Zina
  • Dealing with parents who use Islam to justify their actions
  • Dealing with a difficult mother-in-law
  • Pre-marital tips
  • What to look for in a future spouse
  • Sex education from an Islamic perspective, among other topics


Taha dedicates the book to those who may be feeling as if they are the only ones struggling. She aims at helping readers discover they are not alone. To help, she has dedicated a bonus Q and A chapter of relatable stories by Muslim women from different parts of the world.


About the Author


Randa Taha, born in Dallas, Texas, and raised Syrian –Palestinian, always had a deep desire to help enrich other peoples’ lives. The social media personality known as That Girl Randa or Queen of Messy Tiktok, has been using her platforms to help girls with relationship issues. A pre-medicine (biology)graduate, she is also the founder of Free My Loans, a beauty pageant program. With her work, Taha aims at helping women understand that they are not alone in their fears, concerns, and hopes for a successful marriage.


The book is available at Amazon through this link


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Randa Taha


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