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Gas Flow Measurement and Control Instruments


The company we work with is China industrial flowmeters suppliers. We all know that a flow meter is a type of device that measures the quantity of medium that passes across the sensors. depending on the medium it is possible to classify the flow meters we supply into digital liquid flow meters gas flow meters or steam flow meters.


The flow sensors and flow transmitters are among the most important components of flow meters. A flow transducer is a device that detects that the medium is passing across the sensor for the flow meter. Similarly, the flow transmitter creates an unsteady flow signal using the signal generated by the flow transducer. Certain customers require an analog flow gauge that generates signals between 4-20mA, or a pulse flow meter China flow meter makers are able to satisfy the customer's specifications for technical specifications. The majority of the flow devices that we supply are totalizing flow meters (cumulative flow meters) that can not only show the flow in real-time but also show total flow. We offer a variety of sizes for flow meters , such as 1 inch flowmeter 2, 2 inch flow meter inch flow meters 4 inch flow meter six inch flow meters, and 8 inch flow meter. We can also make the largest DN2000 electronic flow meters.


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