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Data-driven company reveals the steps they are using to help coaching programs turn readers into app

The Inbound Secret, the leading data-driven company, has revealed how their program is helping coaches turn their readers into applications and appointments.


According to Bryce Vance, the CEO and Founder of The Inbound Secret, their system is hundred percent proven to generate applications and appointments for their clients.


While explaining how it works, Bryce Vance observed that all good coaches need authority in order to sell to a potential client. Their system, he added, is designed to create authority-building content and present it to the targeted audience. Utilizing platforms such as Forbes, Huff Post, NBC, among other reputable outlets, the CEO said they help coaches build authority in their areas.


According to the company representative, the Inbound Secret’s system not only helps the coaches get in front of their prospects but also allows conversion from content consumers to appointments.


“Good content will provide the readers with the information that they need, but a coach who is running a competitive program needs to go further. The readers need to be prompted to click and make an appointment out of the information that they have accessed. Our software does that easily, making your visitors go a step further and book an appointment with the coach,” said the company representative, describing the steps that the Inbound Secret takes in the course of providing their funnel marketing-driven services.


In the pre-framing nurture sequence step, Inbound Secret software nurture the leads with authority building content, ensuring that by the time a coach is giving the prospects a call, they will be fully convinced that they are dealing with authority in the field. The company representative added that the authority content they generate reflects the true position of the coach, with no room for manipulation of the prospects. He said that their company is very keen on maintaining professional ethics where they are geared towards assisting their clients but with high levels of integrity.


Not only does the Inbound Secret software assist the coaches to build authority, capture prospects, and nurture them, they also give a seven-figure closing call script and training on its use. They also handle all the follow-ups, reminders, and even missed appointments using their systems.


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Creation date: Mar 31, 2022 11:24pm     Last modified date: Mar 31, 2022 11:26pm   Last visit date: Jun 8, 2024 11:19pm