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How to Start a Chainsaw?

Creation date: Apr 23, 2022 4:44am     Last modified date: Apr 23, 2022 4:44am   Last visit date: Jul 28, 2022 11:28am
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Apr 23, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Tracey Reynolds (traceyreynolds)

How to Start a Chainsaw?

Reading the operator’s manual is one way of starting your chainsaw efficiently. Since every model is different with varied control systems, it becomes mandatory for every enthusiast to take the necessary steps and follow safety protocols for making the best chainsaw start and then run smoothly.

We have all failed miserably while starting power tools like chainsaw machines especially when you’re a first-hand inexperienced user. This is probably the worst moment for your saw to sputter in the middle and still you have enormous branches and woods left to be cut off. Whether you are a novice or a longtime true professional using an electric or gas chainsaw, here is a thorough guide by Chainsaw Insider that will teach you how to start your chainsaw effortlessly and every time you use it.

Chainsaw Insider is a useful as well as an informative chainsaw review website. This is a reliable destination that can get you all the general and technical information related to chainsaw machines. It means the user doesn’t have to scroll from page to page. Just explore the Chainsaw Insider and you will get a plethora of information under one single roof. 

Now, let us take you through the important steps on how to turn on each chainsaw model carefully and safely. 

How to Start a Gas Chainsaw?

It takes less than a minute to start the gas chainsaw only if the machine is properly maintained by the user. However, you still need to carry a quick maintenance check before starting the gas-powered chainsaw. And these are:

  • Checking the oil level is mandatory

  • If the tank is empty, then use and fill the tank with the quality 2-cycle fuels

  • The spark plug boot needs to be fully seated 

Starting a chainsaw in the right way is a need of safety
Starting a chainsaw in the right way is a need of safety

After inspecting all these, the next step is to start your gas chainsaw. This further depends on whether to launch your saw hot or cold. 

For Hot Start (Gas Chainsaw Only):

Hot start simply means you are starting the chainsaw again after it was used recently. As the engine is still warm, the spark plug will cause less trouble racing the desired temperature that they actually need to operate the chainsaw machine. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • The first step is to set the chainsaw brake and then move slowly towards the second step i.e; starting your gas chainsaw.

  • Second, set the machine to “RUN” or “ON” mode after closing the choke. The closed choke sets your engine to “high idle”. It is a good idea to position the lever to the run or on as it opens the choke. 

  • Pressing the decompression valve is one of the main steps. Doing this will help relieve the compression that has built up inside the carburetor.

  • This step involves keeping your saw at the ground level securely, and pulling the starter cord or rope gently until the machine engine starts running.

  • Warming the saw is important. But you don’t have to run the engine for too long to warm up the engine. Simply, set the engine to “LOW IDLE”, loosen the chain brake and you’re ready with your cutting job

For Gas Chainsaw Cold Start:

The cold start simply means you’re starting the chainsaw that hasn’t been running in a while. It might be the first time you are starting the chainsaw during the day or haven’t used the machine ever. 

In either of the circumstances, you must get enough fuel to keep your engine warm and make the saw run perfectly. Here is how you can cold-start your gas chainsaw:

  • Setting the chain brake is the first safety step. If you forgot to apply the chain brake, then the possibility is that the chain will start rotating around the bar automatically as soon as the engine starts.

  • It is much easier for the engine to start smoothly only if you have provided your machine with high-quality fuel. This step involves closing the choke that results in blocking the airflow and ends up changing the mixture of air and fuel alike- and gives your machine a strong blend that it desperately needs. 

  • Pressing the decompression valve is another vital step you can take. This process will not only minimize the unnecessary pressure in your combustion chamber but also make your engine fire.

The cold start means you’re starting the chainsaw hasn’t been running in a while
The cold start means you’re starting the chainsaw hasn’t been running in a while

  • The older chainsaw models usually feature the premier bulb. If you have one, then apply four to six gentle pushes on the primer bulb to feed your engine the fuel it needs. On the other hand, locate the air purge bulb instead of the premier bulb on the new gas chainsaw models. Just like the premier bulb, pressing the air purge bulb two to three times will allow the machine to push excess air away from the fuel lines.

  • Just set the chainsaw firmly in the ground, then pull the starter cord slowly until you feel the resistance. After this, pull rapidly until you hear a pop or the sound of the engine trying to start.

  • Just like the hot start, set the choke to “RUN” or “On” mode for the engine to run at a high idle speed.

  • In this process, it is time to pull the cord again or several times for the engine to run consistently.

  • Lastly, set the engine to “LOW IDLE” for an ideal and perfect warm-up session.

How to Start an Electric Chainsaw?

To turn on a chainsaw (electric only) involves the same steps quite similar to a gas chainsaw. But there is still a list of beneficial maintenance tasks you can perform for a healthy start:

  • For Cordless Saws - It is recommended for everyone to keep the backup battery in advance or use the fully-chargeable batteries for a smooth operation

  • For Corded Saws - Plugging the saw into a grounded receptacle would be a good option. Ensure to use the accurate-size extension cord (not too small or large).

Unlike the gas chainsaw, starting the electric chainsaw is pretty simple, requires minimal effort, and makes your task progressive from the beginning. Also, you don’t have to worry about fueling the tank and pulling the cord again and again. Just a couple of buttons are pressed thoughtfully for getting the optimal results.

Staying Safe and Reading the Manual are the Key

From the beginning to the end of the process, you must familiarize yourself with the safety protocols, guidelines, and manuals to tackle the equipment confidently. Be it a gas chainsaw or an electric chainsaw, your aim is to find the top chainsaw brands from reliable manufacturers that can simplify your every clean project with ease.

Being a smart user, all you need is fairly outlined steps and follow the same to start your chainsaws like a fire.