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Amazon Best Selling Author Elizabeth Ferris Releases Positively Georgia Accompanying Coloring Books

Elizabeth Ferris, the bestselling author of the positive and empowering children’s book series 'Positively Georgia' has released a collection of coloring books. While making the announcement, the author said that the coloring books are meant to inspire, motivate and provide children with uplifting messages.


With the release of the current book, there are four coloring books in the series, each with a holiday theme. “Fans of the Positively Georgia can flex their creative muscles, coloring the uber positive and always optimistic Airedale,” said Elizabeth adding that the coloring books provide lovers of the book the opportunity to re-imagine their favorite pup in new and colorful ways.


Positively Georgia is an inspirational children’s book collection that follows the cuddly cheerful Airedale puppy Georgia. She chooses to see the brighter side to every situation in life while helping others to maximize their potential and accomplish their dreams. “This book series has no age limit; it is perfect for both parents and children. Adults who have read the book have drawn great lessons from the book. Those who have shared with me, tell me how the book has changed their perspective on life. They say they have come to realize the importance of helping others reach their potential, something they have since then been trying to impart to their children. These are positive stories that make me get the inspiration, get the strength to continue doing what I have been doing since my early days,” said the author while sharing the feedback from her readers.


This book series offers reassuring and inspiring lessons for children and adults. The beautifully illustrated pages in the series and now the coloring books teach that surroundings can be fun and amazing when accompanied by enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Georgia discovers she has unique talents that can make her a big success. It is a crucial idea for children to know each child is distinct and valuable. The Book Series and now the accompanying Coloring books can also be inspiring to parents, grandparents, and caretakers.


The new coloring books in the collection include: “Happy Birthday to You,” “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “Christmas Coloring Positively Georgia: May Peace be with you Always,” “Positively Georgia Easter Coloring “and accompany the Best Selling Book Series “Positively Georgia - Be Brave, Impress Yourself, Be Your Breed,” “Positively Georgia: Chin Up Pup: Canine Confidence”, “Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief,” “Positively Georgia the Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale” as well as a Positively Georgia Notebook and Journal. The Series also has a book in Spanish and Hungarian.


Each of the Coloring Books are 8.5 x 11 inches with pages of fun to allow the reader’s creative colors shine.


The books are currently available on Amazon. To learn more about this release, visit Ferris Books.


About the author


Elizabeth Ferris is a writer who brings endearing stories, inspiration, and positive values to children and adults. Her love for books and writing started early in her life. As a child, Elizabeth combined the creation of books with business by selling her brother’s comic books from a stand in their family front yard. Neighbors found this amusing, and they recount it up to now. When she had her children, she created a captivating, educating, and an entertaining magazine called “All 4 Kids." She also published “Innovate,” a magazine that came to be read and appreciated all over Northern British Columbia, Canada. Elizabeth says that she draws inspiration from difficult phases of her life. Her parents immigrated to Canada from Hungary, creating a marvelous family with more than 60 years of love. Today Elizabeth divides her time between writing books and serving as an Executive Assistant for a Health Authority in Western Canada.


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