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Where to Buy Eyelash Shampoo

Creation date: Nov 18, 2022 10:34pm     Last modified date: Nov 18, 2022 10:34pm   Last visit date: Jun 22, 2024 9:08pm
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Nov 18, 2022  ( 1 post, 5 replies latest Nov 21, 2022 )  
Jerel Weber (jerel)

My sister does eyelash extensions, she has her own business. She asked me to find an eyelash shampoo for her since she doesn't have time to do it herself. I searched all the local cosmetic stores and couldn't find any. Maybe you know where you can order lash shampoo online? 

Sayman_ 90 (sayman_)

Well, there is a great option. You can find a good and high quality eyelash shampoo right on the internet. Now there are many suppliers of such products that can be ordered directly on the Internet.

Mauricio Jack (mauriciojack)

hi how are things? You know, I just saw the eyelash shampoo on a page called "stacylash" you should search it on Google, that's the name of the page, there I just saw that they have the eyelash shampoo that you are looking for

Blek Morten (blek22)

Actually, now there is a lot of this good on the Internet and I don’t know why you couldn’t find a quality eyelash shampoo My sister also works in a cosmetology center and buys all eyelash care products in this store. Try and order this product and make sure of its quality, and only then you can order in bulk because it will be cheaper.

Agnes Ortiz (lorq210)

I have never heard that there is a special shampoo for eyelashes, but I think I found a good gift for my girlfriend, because I think that they also have not heard of such a shampoo and she will be pleased with this surprise. I looked at the site you suggested, I think I will buy one shampoo and let my girlfriend test it on her eyelashes...

Blek Morten (blek22)

Of course there is such a shampoo. Anyone who does eyelash extensions knows this for sure. After all, washing eyelashes with high quality simply with cotton wool or ordinary water will not work and it will not be hygienic.