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Creation date: Dec 5, 2022 1:56pm     Last modified date: Dec 5, 2022 1:56pm   Last visit date: Jun 2, 2023 12:35pm
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Jan 29, 2023  ( 1 post )  
Emili Rose (emilirose)

Thanks for the information. I just decided to try myself in the gambling industry and I want to study the information about gambling and online casinos in more detail. I'm already interested in the Blackjack game. I read about it on this source and it seems that this is what I need to start. I'll ask experienced players for advice on the forums and I think I'll try my luck soon.

Dec 5, 2022  ( 1 post, 3 replies latest Dec 6, 2022 )  
Def Hrils (crazyyy)

I recently learned that e-payment systems and even cryptocurrency transactions can be used in gambling. How safe is it?

Ivsen Lorak (hopaji8966)

I like online gambling. I play roulette every day. I make payments via e-wallet. Everything is safe in my opinion. Had no problems.

GAs Naser (lakib)

I welcome the gambling where the function of payment through cryptocurrency is available. Such playgrounds that take crypto are definitely worthy of trust.

Dawer Gafer (welofe): edited 12/6/2022 1:06am

To ensure fast and reliable payments in online gambling, smart contracts are used in the program. They allow you to accept bets in the form of crypto and process such transactions. A smart audit for such services is preliminarily carried out. This testing eliminates the presence of errors in the code and guarantees complete security.