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Development of 3d games

Creation date: Dec 6, 2022 9:04am     Last modified date: Dec 6, 2022 9:04am   Last visit date: Jun 12, 2024 9:49pm
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Dec 6, 2022  ( 1 post, 5 replies latest Dec 9, 2022 )  
Jerel Weber (jerel)

Who can help with game development? I have an unfinished project, I need specialists in 3d development. I need to create objects in the game, characters and backgrounds in an interesting space style game. 

Sayman_ 90 (sayman_)

You can search on the internet. Now there are many great developers who make 3D games. Look at the ratings. If you find such developers, you can immediately consult on your project and the deadlines.

Mauricio Jack (mauriciojack)

The only ones who can help you with the development of the game are precisely the developers, you can find hundreds searching the internet, particularly on Google, you will also find freelancers who will help you with the development but I don't recommend them because I don't think they have the professionalism or quality of a professional work team like the one that a company can offer you

Luck Skiworker (luckskiworker)

hello, look, I know this team of developers they develop all kinds of games, from mobile games to computer games and others, contact them and consult about your project, I'm sure they could help you perfectly, also chat with them and you take away all the doubts that you have

Anhor Vizent (anhor)

Well, there is not even much to think about. If you do not have a certain experience in creating games, you need to contact the developers who select software for each project that will maximize the potential of your game world.

Blek Morten (blek22)

Why would you want to create your own game? Indeed, on the Internet now you can find so many games that you even get lost in the choice. Moreover, they are different for all tastes. I often play role-playing games or simulations. but I'm not going to create anything myself.