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Packaging System - Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine

As a professional packing machine manufacturer for long shape packages, Fhope developed horizontal orbital wrapping machine or horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for the various straight objects as a professional packing machine manufacturer. In addition to profiled products and tubular products, it is also known for its success. With high speed and efficient equipment for your packaging solution, the horizontal machine can package steel pipe, aluminum sections, window and door wrapping, rod packaging, and panel packaging. 


Horizontal orbital systems installed by Fhope are manufactured and designed within one of many manufacturing facilities. The company's authority in the markets is based on scientific belongings: knowledge of wrapping, the complementarily of motion, the ability to manage turnkey finishes of series, the capability to stack, convey, wrap, strap, suggest options in any way generation rates of speed, and finally, admiration for those items and the packaging quality of the finished products.


The Fhope manufacturer is the first contact for customers from gypsum factories in China. We offer fully automatic orbital stretch wrapper packaging systems for wall panels and gypsum plasterboards. For aluminum profile sub-bundle binding, wrapping with paper & film, and making and wrapping big bundles, stretch wrap systems are available.


Our orbital stretch wrapper is a component of an automation system that has a different structure and connection method to serve our end users.


1. Protect the package and prevent damage

By extending LLDPE stretch film as it is applied and packed, a horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and ring wrapping machine can be used. The stretch film keeps the compression and stake package together once it has been wrapped around the package, contracting and enclosing it as if it were a rubber band. It prevents damage to colored, highly polished surfaces requirement which safeguards the items in transition. Avoid the requirement of interleaved buffer materials.

2. Material and Reduce Packing Costs

By using horizontal orbital stretch wrappers/wrapping machines, you can eliminate bulky, expensive packing materials such as foam, tape, shrink wrap, paper, knit belt, string, and pet belt. In addition to saving you time and labor costs, the high packing speed minimizes your packaging costs.

3. Uniteze length wrapping is available

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapper machine is ideal for unitizing long objects such as pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section, MDF wood, MDF board, textile rolls... There is no limit to the number of layers of stretch film or any other packaging material. There are adjustable rates for overwrapping, so you can protect your packages from dust, moisture, and damage. 

Fhope Corporation is an integrated manufacturer of ring type wrapping machines, pallet packing machinery, and horizontal orbital wrappers. The Fhopepack machinery line consists of heavy duty construction, dual column design, customized equipment with low maintenance, and a wide variety of standard wrapping machinery available for quick delivery. Our commitment is to provide cost-performance automatic systems. More info:


In addition to providing stretch packaging solutions, Fhope owns the ability to create special designs according to client specifications in the industry, a hallmark of its success.


Providing coil processors with innovative long-term solutions that consistently produce high-quality packaging and save them money is the company's ongoing commitment. A wide variety of products are offered, including coil packing machines, straight object packing machines, wrapping machines, shrink wrappers, shrink machines, stretch wrapping machines, packaging material, coil tilters, etc.



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