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Press-Locked Steel Gratings: What are Their Applications?



In a press-locked grating, cross bars and bearing bars are interlocked together with carbon steel or stainless steel grating. During the creation of this kind of grating, a grid pattern is produced. In addition to the applications discussed below, press-locked steel bar grating can also be used in the following other areas:

1. Industrial floors

As they have the properties of being slip-resistant and can hold heavy traffic, press locked steel grating is ideal for creating industrial floors as they are heavy-duty.

2. Pathways and walkways

This type of press-locked grating could be of great use on many paths and walkways where pedestrians are common. The gratings are ideal in the rain and when surfaces are oily since they prevent slippage.

3. Structures with mezzanines

As commercial buildings use mezzanine floors for storage and handling heavy weights, press-locked grating is a good choice since it keeps the structure strong enough to hold the weight.

4. Stair tread construction

Creating stair treads with durable and non-slip materials is one of the major concerns when constructing them, so press-locked grating is a good option here since it has both of these characteristics.

5 - Ramps and ceilings

As a result of loading and unloading stock or for making it convenient for prams, ramps are installed in various industrial and commercial buildings. As a result, press-locked grating is a better choice because the slope on the ramp will not make it slippery.

Price factors for press-locked steel gratings

Some of the factors that may be impacted by the price of press-locked steel grating include the following:


The base material of press-locked grating is one of the main factors determining its price; stainless steel grating will cost a different amount, aluminum grating will cost a different amount, and carbon steel bar grating will cost a different amount. As a result, the price of the material you plan to use will depend on what you choose.


It is important to note that the layout of the grating will also affect the price. This is also true of the bearing bar height, the bearing bar spacing, and the crossbar spacing. These four bars are what form the press-locked grating as a grid. 


You will have to pay a different price for a flat press-locked grating, and a different price for a serrated one.




The quality of a product contributes significantly to its price. You may pay more for the highest quality if you choose the same material, size, and design, but the same price would apply if you choose the lowest quality. Additionally, different brands have different pricing strategies, so the price will vary according to the brand you choose. Get more info about steel Gratings Manufacturer in China.

In conclusion 

As a result, you must now understand every aspect of pressed locked grating, including where and how you can use it, and what benefits they provide. If you want to make a sound decision regarding your upcoming projects, you need to clear up the price range and everything else. Following the tips above will help you select the right press-locked grating.

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