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Chandler AZ - Top Companies Doing Business In The City

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Chandler AZ is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. It is bordered to the north and west by Tempe, to the north by Mesa, to the west by Phoenix, and the south by the Gila River Indian Community. Chandler has a sister city relationship with Toluca Lake, California.


Business History Of Chandler AZ

The history of Chandler, Arizona, begins with its founding father, Dr. Alexander John Chandler. In 1891 he purchased 80 acres (32 ha) of land east of Mesa from the federal government for $1 an acre ($2.50/ha). By 1900, he had acquired another 480 acres (190 ha) adjacent to this property and became one of the largest landowners in what would become Maricopa County. Chandler's first business venture was the construction of a canal to divert water from the Salt River for irrigation, which he began in 1902.


The town grew with the establishment of the San Marcos Resort in 1913 and the Chandler Field Air Base opening in 1941. By 1960, it had become the home of many technology companies and high-tech industries.


Chandler AZ Business 

Today, Chandler is known for its strong focus on education and technology. The city has been designated as an Arizona Tech City by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. It is also home to many high-tech companies, including Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation, and significant businesses such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Verizon Wireless, and US Airways. The city also has a solid commitment to the arts, with several art galleries and performance venues.


Chandler AZ is a great place to do business. The city offers a variety of incentives to businesses, including a streamlined permitting process, fast track construction program, and flexible zoning ordinances. Chandler also has a talented workforce, with many residents holding advanced degrees from nearby universities. The city is also home to several incubators and accelerators, which provide support and resources to startups and small businesses.


Top Companies In Chandler AZ

Some of the top companies in Chandler, Arizona, include Intel, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Verizon Wireless, and US Airways. These companies are leaders in their respective industries and have made Chandler their home.


Intel. Intel is a technology company that produces computer, networking, and communications products. The company has been in Chandler since 1979 and employs over 12,000 people at its two facilities in the city.


Bank of America. Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. The company has a strong presence in Chandler, with over 4,000 employees at its operations center.


Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is another large financial institution with a significant presence in Chandler. The company employs over 3,000 people at its operations center in the city.


Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless is a leading wireless communications provider. The company has a call center in Chandler that employs over 1,000 people.


US Airways. US Airways is an airline that operates out of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. The company has a significant presence in Chandler, with over 2,000 employees at its operations center.


Other notable companies that have established their homes in Chandler are Orbital Sciences Corporation, a leading aerospace and defense company; Infosys, an India-based global technology company; and Go Daddy, a web hosting and domain name registrar.


Chandler is also home to many small businesses and startups. The city of Chandler offers a variety of resources and support to these businesses through its incubators and accelerators.


The city of Chandler is committed to supporting the growth of businesses in the community. The Chandler Chamber of Commerce provides networking and marketing opportunities, educational programs, and political advocacy for its members. Chandler AZ also offers business resources, including a business assistance center and economic development office.


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