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How Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Assists Non-Immigrants Visas

Creation date: Jan 22, 2023 7:54pm     Last modified date: Jan 22, 2023 7:54pm   Last visit date: Jun 9, 2024 1:31am
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Lincoln Law (lincolnlawfirm1)

People with particular skills and talents can visit temporarily to the United States under U.S. immigration law. These nonimmigrant visas come in a wide variety of categories. 


At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, their lawyers assist clients in navigating the temporary visa application process effectively and successfully. They are well-versed in immigration law.

The Legal Requirements Of A Temporary Visa

Following American immigration law, any foreign national attempting to enter the country must show a current visa at the port of entry, which can be an airport or border crossing. It doesn't matter if you are visiting the country briefly or on vacation—this still applies.


An attorney at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law can outline and supervise your visa application to guarantee that it is complete and complies with all U.S. law requirements.


Immigration attorneys explain the law, assist clients in analyzing their options, rights, and tactics, and, if necessary, direct you or your sponsoring U.S. relative or employer through each stage of the challenging immigration procedure. 

They manage which papers you need to gather on your own, such as birth certificates or evidence of a legitimate marriage, and prepare a great deal of paperwork on your or your employer's behalf.

Why You Need Immigration Lawyers

Depending on the purpose of your travel, lawyers can assist you in choosing your nonimmigrant visa. By applying for the proper permit, you can avoid making false statements that might have unfavorable legal repercussions.


Moreover, numerous nonimmigrant visa classes have drawn-out and challenging application procedures. You can negotiate the intricacies with a competent immigration attorney, who will thoroughly explain the process. 


At Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, their lawyers fill out the paperwork, acquire the necessary materials, and prepare you for the interview. To increase the chances of approval, their lawyers verify the information for accuracy and mistakes and review the eligibility. 


As a result, you'll not only save time and money, but you'll also feel more secure knowing that there are attorneys available to deal with any legal problems. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law offers you the following:


Trustworthy Legal Team

Lawyers at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law are committed to assisting you in obtaining lawful entrance into the United States so that you can benefit from its opportunities.


Legal Support

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law informs clients of the progress of their visa application regularly. In addition, their legal staff will be accessible to address any inquiries you may have.


Law Office For Immigration Services

In addition to nonimmigrant visa applications, our firm helps clients with other immigration issues, including immigrant visas, citizenship petitions, status adjustments, removal defense, and more.


It is the goal of immigration visa lawyers to save your business time and money during the immigration process and to help you achieve your immigration goals.



For many people going through any type of immigration procedure, it’s great to have peace of mind knowing that their documents are complete and their applications are accurate. Thus, complications that can be easily addressed are enough to justify hiring an immigration lawyer.


The following are some more ways that working with Lincoln-Goldfinch Law help you save or generate money:


  • Avoiding time-consuming and expensive errors like filing incorrect papers.
  • Introducing you to others in their social contacts, such as associates at employment recruiting firms or businesses that offer grants to immigrants.
  • Implementing an overseas hiring program to address labor shortages and labor cost issues.


Even small mistakes in a visa or green card application or the supporting documentation submitted as part of an immigration application process can result in lengthy delays, outright denials, or even deportation.


Contact Lincoln-Goldfinch Law 

Whatever your present situation, the lawyers at Goldfinch Law will address your concerns and assist you in obtaining a temporary visa. You will require supporting papers for your application, which will help you prepare. To speak with a competent immigration lawyer about your temporary visa, contact Lincoln-Goldfinch Law immediately.


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