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SSO ID Registration | Rajasthan SSO Login ID | Eligibility, Procedure, Benefits and more 

Creation date: Jan 31, 2023 11:43am     Last modified date: Jan 31, 2023 11:43am   Last visit date: Jun 9, 2024 1:34am
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Santo SEo (seosanto7)



Rajasthan SSO Login:- Government of Rajasthan: The government of Rajasthan has done a lot of work online so if you also want to fill out any form online or do any work online then you must have SSO ID. In order to use the online services, you need to register online, only after online registration you will be assigned an SSO ID. To provide easy and user-friendly online services to the people of Rajasthan, the state government has introduced Single Sign-On ID (SSO ID), a single digital identity for all applications. Using a Single Sign On ID or SSO Login ID people can log in to Rajasthan e-Mitra Portal (

And can reach more than 100 government offices in Rajasthan. With the launch of SSO ID, a single username and password can be used for various online services provided by the Rajasthan government, such as applying for a Jan Aadhaar card, applying to educational institutions or applying for government jobs. login The first step to using online services is to register and obtain an SSO login. Read on to know the process.


Rajasthan SSO Login

To ease the process and provide user-friendly online services to users, Rajasthan State Government introduced Single Sign On (SSO Login ID) in 2013. A single SSO login ID allows a user to access over 100 governments online. Services on a single portal. But to avail of all e-services like e-mitra, apply for SSO Rajasthan e-pass, etc., a person has to register and create an SSO login. In this article, we will discuss Rajasthan SSO ID Registration Process, SSO Login Usage, Rajasthan SSO Eligibility and Web Portal Services in detail.


What is single sign-on (SSO)?

In this technological era, everything is at our fingertips and we have to remember the login username and password to access many applications. That's why we need a single sign-on (SSO ID). It's an authentication method designed to simplify the user experience. All you need is a username and password to access multiple apps and websites.


Rajasthan SSO ID: Devices that can be accessed

Features that can be accessed with Rajasthan SSO ID include:-


  1. Application for a firearms license
  2. MIS attendance
  3. communication with the bank
  4. Application for Bhamashah Card
  5. Building Plan Approval System (BPAS)
  6. business registration
  7. E-Devsthan
  8. e-learning
  9. job opportunities
  10. GST Portal
  11. Services of the E-Mitra portal
  12. SSO Rajasthan E-Pass
  13. change of land use


SSO login: Latest update

Download RPSC Admit Card from SSO Login Portal: RPSC candidates can now download RPSC School Lecturer Recruitment Admit Card from Rajasthan SSO Login Portal. As per the official notification, the admit card will be available for download three days before the exam. You will need an SSO login id and password to download the admit card and the admit card can be downloaded easily.


What is SSOID?

  1. SSO Portal is a portal through which various online job and government websites can be accessed and multiple online applications can be created using a single User ID (Rajaso ID) and password (Rajaso ID Password).


  1. Simply put, you can log in to many colleges, universities and private institutions using a Rajasthan Rajso ID login.


  1. Rajasthani people can apply online for almost govt jobs in the same portal when you log in with your Rajasthan id click here and also enjoy many online services.


  1. With Sso Id people from Rajasthan can also create Soma’s Aadhaar card and also download it. And also many jobs can be helped by SSO ID.


What is SSO Login or Rajasthan SSO ID?

Rajasthan SSO Login: SSO Login stands for Single Sign Up (SSO). It's an authentication method that makes it easy for people to authenticate with multiple websites and apps using a single login credential. Similarly, SSO Login Rajasthan is an online portal of the Rajasthan State Government which is developed to facilitate the process for the citizens of the state and help them avail multiple online services under a single portal.


Users can create their SSO ID which will serve as their unique digital identity to help them access all the services provided by the Rajasthan State Government.


Rajasthan SSO Login Highlight



Benefits of SSO ID Login rajasthan - Rajasthan SSO Portal


Below are the benefits of Rajasthan SSO portal registration:


  1. Govt Jobs: Now you can apply for any govt job in Rajasthan state through this portal with hassle free process and also track your application status.
  2. Pay your bills: The SSO login ID allows users to pay utility bills such as landline, electricity, water and mobile. It also allows an individual to verify and control bill payments.
  3. Simple application process: With SSO Login Rajasthan, a person can apply for government jobs, and university admissions, file RTI, apply for a license, apply for an arms license and can apply online for various other purposes.
  4. Multiple Services at One Place: This single SSO Rajasthan Portal ( allows one person to avail of multiple services including Bhamashah Card Seva, Jan Aadhaar, E-Mitra, Rajasthan Rozgar Seva, etc. .it helps.


SSO Login Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan Portal Registration


Following persons can create an SSO ID login account and register on Rajasthan Portal for SSO login:-


- All residents of Rajasthan.

- Udyog industrial owner or registered person

   Number (BRN) can be used on the Rajasthan SSO portal.

– Rajasthan Government Employees with SIPF Number –

  The state insurance company and the provident fund can also apply.


SSO Login: Available Services

SSO Login Rajasthan (Rajsso) has been designed to allow users to access multiple services provided by the Government of Rajasthan. The website requires the user's personal information to enable him to avail of various services under SSO Login Rajasthan.


Note that all information entered by a person in the SSO ID login is safe and secure. Here is the list of departments and services that a citizen of the state can avail of after creating his Rajasthan SSO ID:-


  1. GST Home Portal
  2. Business Registration
  3. Bhamashah Rojgar Srijan Yojana (BRSY)
  4. Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana (BSBY)
  5. Bhamshah Card
  6. firearms license
  7. MIS attendance
  8. job opportunities
  9. Bank correspondence
  10. Change of land use
  11. e-Devasthan
  12. e-Mitra
  13. e-Mitra reports
  14. eLearning
  15. SSO Rajasthan epass
  16. IFMS-RajSSP
  17. BPAS - Building plan approval system


Rajasthan SSO ID: Citizen Registration

  1. To register SSO Login ID at click on 'Registration' and select 'Citizen'. You can use your Jan Aadhaar Card (Rajasthan Residents Only), Bhamashah Card or your Google Account to register your SSO ID.
  2. If you choose the Jan Aadhaar Card option for SSO ID Rajasthan registration, you will be asked to enter your Jan Aadhaar card number.
  3. While entering your Jan Aadhaar card number, you will have to select your name, family head name and all other members. Then click on 'Send OTP'.
  4. Enter the OTP number and click on 'Verify OTP' to continue registration.
  5. You can also complete the SSO Login ID registration by entering your Bhamashah card number.
  6. Or you can use your Google account to create an SSO ID login. Enter your email, which will become your username. Continue by filling in all the details and press 'Register'.
  7. After successfully registering using any of the above three methods, you will receive a confirmation from Rajasthan SSO about the successful registration of your RAJ SSO ID login.


Rajasthan SSO ID: SSO Login for Udyog Registration


  1. Use your Business Registration Number (BRN) to register an SSO ID for an industry or business. ( Click on Industry and enter the company registration number and press 'Next'. Enter all required details and press 'Register'. After successful registration, you will get your Rajasthan Login SSO ID.
  2. To register SSO ID for government employees, register using your National Insurance and Provident Fund number and password.


Rajasthan SSO ID: SSO Login for Govt. Employee registration


- On the Rajasthan SSO ID login web portal, click on 'Government Employee' and enter SIPF username and password. Enter all required details and press 'Register'. Once you register, you will receive your SSO login ID.


How to sign in using an SSO ID

  1. After registration follows this simple process to log in Raj SSO ID.
  2. Enter your Digital Identity (SSO ID / Username), Password and Captcha on the login page and navigate to the desired website.

How to merge multiple SSO ID logins?

  1. If you are someone who has multiple SSO ID logins, you can merge them all into SSO ID Login Rajasthan Govt Employee Account.

You can login to SSO Rajasthan Portal as a citizen and click on Edit Profile at the top of the portal page.

  1. Select "Deactivate Account" to merge your freelance account with your government employee account.
  2. After clicking on 'Deactivate Account', fill in your mobile number and enter OTP, you will be redirected to another page where you will have to enter your active SSO Government Login ID and allow the merging of both accounts.
  3. When you click on 'Deactivate Account' and fill in your mobile number and enter the OTP, you will be redirected to another page where you will have to enter your active Government SSO Login ID and allow the merging of the two accounts.


How to reset login SSO ID?

  1. If you have forgotten your SSO Rajasthan login details, click on Forget SSO ID on SSO Rajasthan Portal and select the option you registered with.
  2. Alternatively you can enter RJ SSO and send it to 9223166166 from your registered mobile number.


Rajasthan SSO ID: Contact Information

For SSO ID login related queries you can call the helpline 0141 5153 222, 0141 512 3717 or email at (