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China's Electric Moped - An Overview



As the words moped and pedal come together in the term, it implies that the machine has both motors and pedals. Today, in the world of motorized two-wheel vehicles, this is not always the case.


In the United States, there is a Federal Electric Bike Law HR 727, which defines an electric bike as having a motor less than 750 watts, having functional pedals, and not being capable of speeding more than 20 MPH. Electric bikes and Wholesale Electric Moped are at a breaking point in today's market due to different definitions in other countries.


Despite the fact that some electric bikes resemble sleek and beautiful electric mopeds with their step-through design and full fairings or shrouds, they are restricted in power and speed by classification rules, and with pedals. In contrast, what is generally known as a moped has no power or speed limitations.


In fact, we find today's industry and technology producing machines we normally call electric mopeds, which eventually become real electric motorcycles. Although they are not closely resembling traditional motorcycles in appearance, because of their sleek streamlined beauty and step through design, they can be considered motorcycles because of their performance capabilities. As fast as 65 MPH and with a travel range of 90 miles per charge, these vehicles compete well with motorcycles for fun and commuting.


As the electric moped incorporates the motor into the hub of the rear wheel, it is direct drive, meaning there are no drive shafts or chains to deal with. It offers silent operation and no pollution.


I would like to declare now that electric mopeds are clearly a Girls' Choice in two-wheel vehicles for fun rides, regardless of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Because gas-powered mopeds are complex, messy, and have the potential for problems and maintenance, many women are intimidated by them. Electric motor-driven mopeds eliminate most of these issues. It's easy to see why any fun-loving girl, or boy, would be proud to own and drive a modern electric moped with its good-looking design and dual ridership capability.




Stepping up from a bike to a moped, the costs go up too. What do you want? If long-term savings and fun along the way are a priority, a moped is a good choice. Mopeds or scooters that are used regularly or on a daily basis may pay for themselves in a year. It is estimated that the X-treme 5000Li model has a 250 MPG efficiency equivalent because there is no gas, oil, repairs or reduced car insurance rates for driving less. This is one of the latest introductions to the electric moped market. Whatever formula is used, the local cost of electricity, the fast recharge capability of lithium-ion batteries, and their long and lasting power output certainly play a role. Check out the Dofabike at


In Wuxi City, Dofa manufactures electric bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds. We have a factory area of about 5,000 square meters and currently employ 100 people, including 10 engineers responsible for quality control and development. A first-class quality control system has been built with the help of several production lines and various testing equipment. Our annual production capacity is currently 60,000 electric bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds, making us a modernized medium-sized business.

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