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Dog Leg Braces: What you Need to Know



A dog's leg brace is used to stabilize an injured leg joint. Different leg braces are used based on the type of joint injury sustained by the dog and the location of the joint. Sprains, strains, and ligament tears can be very uncomfortable for your dog. The pup can experience pain relief and be able to bear weight more easily by bracing his leg injury. They can also relieve arthritis pain and increase his range of motion.


When combined with structured exercise and therapy, bracing can sometimes be an alternative to surgery. Your vet or rehab specialist can help you choose the right splint, brace, or support for your dog.

Dog leg braces: what are the top benefits?

For example, Sydney, an eight 1/2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, suffered bilateral Achilles tendon ruptures, which can be devastating for dogs. Sydney is now wearing a dog leg braces


With Ortho Pets' help, Sydney recovered with custom-fitted articulating tarsal devices for use before and after surgery. Read on to discover how Ortho Pets worked with Sydney's vet and owner to provide the best solution for her. 


Pets and their people may benefit from using a leg brace whether they are recovering from an injury, surgery, or seeking to avoid injury or pain.

Is it Time to Use a Leg Brace?

When a dog wears a leg brace, it is usually a result of a change in behavior or a veterinarian's diagnosis. Unfortunately, dogs are unable to communicate where they are in pain or what is stressing them. Physical activity causes some conditions, while breeds or specific injuries may also contribute to some.


Since smaller breeds have smaller size and weight, knee and leg injuries are less common, but luxated patellas (MPLs or LPLs) are more prevalent. 

Leg braces should be worn for how many hours a day?

Your veterinarian can advise you about how long your dog needs to wear a brace. Some dogs may only need it for a few hours during physical activity, while others may need it for a long period of time. 


The dog may require a brace during recovery and, if required, post-recovery. Consult the veterinarian and determine whether a brace is necessary based on the dog's physical responses.

What is the best leg brace for your dog?

Consult your veterinarian about whether your dog would benefit from a custom orthosis or prosthesis. Choosing the right leg brace can be challenging, since there are several support options. In addition, Ortho Pets offers a group of experts in veterinary orthopedic surgery, veterinary sports medicine, veterinary rehabilitation, mechanical engineering, and human orthotics and prosthetics to aid in the decision making process.

What is the cost of dog leg braces?


Canine knee brace will vary in price depending on the size and location of the brace, as well as the material used. An inexpensive leg brace can cost $75, while a replacement limb can cost up to $2,000 or more.


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A number of factors can affect your animal's mobility, including physical trauma, hip dysplasia, or even simply old age. LOVEPLUSPET selects several types of bracing to solve your problem. Knee braces can sometimes be used as a rehabilitation tool following a surgery. Sometimes, knee braces may be a feasible alternative to surgery. This is particularly true for mild knee injuries.

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