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Sound Deadening Project Write Up

Creation date: Oct 10, 2023 6:17am     Last modified date: Oct 10, 2023 6:17am   Last visit date: Jul 9, 2024 9:38pm
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Mar 4, 2024  ( 1 post )  
Paul Meldoy (pualmelody5)

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Oct 10, 2023  ( 1 post, 1 reply )  
Daniel Brian (calios)

In this thread I'll share my experience in self installing sound deadening. Hopefully someone else can learn from my mistakes.


I decided to add sound deadening to my 2018 ORP for two reasons: improved audio quality and reduced road noise. My primary focus in the doors and tailgate, but I expect I'll end up doing the floor too in order to abate the road noise.


After research on this forum, google, and Youtube, I decided to utilize Soundskins brand sound deadening - at least for the doors. As you might imagine there are seemingly endless options from the classic Dynamat to more non-traditional materials like Frost King Duct wrap (I believe Antman did a mod with something similar to the latter). In the end I selected SoundSkins given it combines the foil and butyl of Dynamat extreme with acoustic foam for an all in one product.


I had a full eight hours to myself, surely enough time to knock out the doors and tailgate - nope. I ended the day with only one door done. Some of this was natural learning curve. Some of it was a couple trips to the hardware store. Finally, some of this was due to some OCD tendencies. I knocked out the second door (outer and inner skin) in 3 hours. I'm confident I will do the third door in even less time.


Here's what I learned from that first debacle of a day (in order importance):


1. Using a large single sheet of sound deadening material on the inner skin (metal that the trim panel hooks to) looks cool but is a giant, time consuming, pain to accurately cut. You'll end up needing two pieces anyway if using the SoundSkins Pro roll due to the 4runner door size. Listening to the online videos, it seems simple enough: make a template/tracing on paper or semi-transparent tape, and then cut the sound deadening material to match. Per online suggestions I tried using carpet protection sheeting (tape) - too sticky to get laid out without crinkles / make a good trace. If you had a second person to help you layout the tape tie might work better. I also tried wax paper with some success, but still had some issues with alignment. When I moved to the passenger door I used several pieces on the interior skin, it doesn't look as nice as a full sheet, but it looks pretty good AND is infinitely easier to work with and quicker. Below I've posted a picture of the completed passenger door - two larger pieces to cover the two larger holes in the door panel. several small pieces to fill in around bolts, speaker, etc. If I have one piece of advice, it's to use multiple pieces.


2. Look carefully at your door and the backside of the trim panel prior to starting to apply material to the inside skin. I made a mistake on the first door of covering a couple of holes for trim clips and I went way to high up on the door with material (1/2 inch from the window). This resulted in me pulling off material to get the door panel back on and really pissing me off because it looked like crap after all my work to use one larger sheet on the driver side.


3. Watch videos online. The Taco Tunes guys have some great videos including one on taking off the trim panel. With their video and one door of practice I was down to 9 minutes to remove the panel off the second door. Sound Skins videos were somewhat helpful, but I found that when putting material inside of the door their cardboard method of sizing pieces was more cumbersome than just measuring with a small tape measure. Finally, Car Audio Fabrication has several great videos and links to products used. I appreciated the tip to try to use carpet protection film instead of the pricey Tesa tape to make a template/tracing, even though it didn't work for me. One good tip from them was to use leather punches to make perfectly round holes in the material for bolts/wires. My local Ace hardware guy actually found a cheaper way - take a metal tube (he gave me copper) of the diameter you want (I chose 1"), and sharpen one end of the tube (he did it for me in the back).

W W (williamwebecomr)

Thanks for sharing your experience with self-installing sound deadening in your 2018 ORP! It's great that you're sharing your journey, as it can be incredibly helpful for others looking to undertake a similar project.

Regarding your choice of SoundSkins for sound deadening, it's essential to select a product that suits your specific needs. SoundSkins seems like a solid choice with its combination of foil, butyl, and acoustic foam.

While you didn't mention car sound deadening in your initial post, I'd like to share that they are also known for offering high-quality sound deadening materials. Their products are designed to reduce road noise and improve audio quality effectively. Many car enthusiasts have had positive experiences with their offerings.