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Creation date: Oct 22, 2023 11:39pm     Last modified date: Oct 22, 2023 11:39pm   Last visit date: Jul 16, 2024 6:49pm
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Oct 22, 2023  ( 1 post )  
Janey Tang (semic)

The AD654 is a monolithic voltage-to-frequency converter (VFC) manufactured by Analog Devices. It's a versatile integrated circuit designed to convert an input voltage into a corresponding output frequency. Here are some key features and details about the AD654:


Key Features:

Voltage-to-Frequency Conversion: The primary function of the AD654 is to convert an input voltage into a proportional output frequency. This makes it useful in various applications that require frequency-based signal processing.

High Accuracy and Linearity: The AD654 is known for its high accuracy and linearity, making it suitable for precision measurement and control systems.

Wide Operating Voltage Range: It can operate with a wide range of power supply voltages, typically between 4V and 12V.

Frequency Range Control: The output frequency can be precisely controlled through an external timing capacitor and resistor. This allows for flexibility in setting the output frequency to match specific application requirements.

Square Wave Output: The AD654 typically generates a square wave output, which is useful in various applications, including pulse-width modulation (PWM).

Temperature Stability: The AD654 offers good temperature stability, making it suitable for applications across a range of environmental conditions.

Applications Information: The datasheet for the AD654 typically provides application circuits and design information to help users integrate the device into their specific projects.


The AD654 is commonly used in a variety of applications, including:

Frequency-to-Voltage Conversion: While its primary function is voltage-to-frequency conversion, it can also be used for frequency-to-voltage conversion by measuring the output frequency.

Frequency Modulation: It's used in applications where frequency modulation is required, such as in signal generators and communication systems.

Sensors and Transducers: It can be used in applications involving sensors and transducers to convert analog sensor readings into a digital format.

Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM): The square wave output is suitable for PWM applications in motor control and power electronics.

Data Transmission: In some cases, the AD654 can be used for data transmission over a communication channel, where changes in frequency represent digital data.

Signal Processing: It's applied in signal processing and waveform generation.

Frequency-to-Period Conversion: In some applications, it can be used to convert a frequency to a time period, which can be further processed.

The AD654 is valued for its simplicity and versatility in applications that require voltage-to-frequency conversion. It provides a convenient means to interface analog signals with digital systems by converting them into a frequency-based format.